glObe+icesun busted

Retards. Botting like pro's on BiO, it was actually impressive how braindead they actually are..which can be viewed on the demo

The names they had on the server:
mientus = icesun
Steve G. = glObe

Here's demo for people who want to watch botters: Majority of demo from mientus (icesun) POV, but also spawn or 2 from Steve G.(glObe)

Here's screenshots of stats and TZAC guids

image: hack2r

image: hack1w

Time to move to ESL Wire?

Shoutout to KamzZzZz
gl0be I am dissapoint :| tzac needs updating!
vid_restart bug
they r just skilled and u r just low ;)
skilled ?! thoses guys were cheating.. glObe: sten 10kills; 49hs np.
You're not serious I hope?
lol i am just trolling my buddy :x
and how often shall i say it that is impossible to move to esl wire :x
haha how pathetic people still cheating in this game wtf :D
the most funny part is, they connect to the most known skilled/competitive pub - running with tzac, and use there real accounts. that is just hilarious and showes the limited brain capacities of some ppl
Great job koop, keep it up!
today was playing on nbs server and icesun was playing under this nickname - kazio. I have a demo aswell but you were first tho
didnt expect that
they were low even if they cheated. their gamesens/brain was like if they were new to this game.

but idd good tracking ...

oh wait...

Mowilem ze globe haxuje, ale nie nie, on jest "skillowy"


jebac cziterow, placzecie ze ET umiera, ale nie zdycha same od siebie, tylko od takich plebejuszy co graja na tym gownie bo sami nie umieja

pozdro =)
who cares about some newschools kids
Et - only for clean oldschools, rest... cheaters imo ;D
Last seen on Bio:

Name = Banned
Slac ID = 00001062
ip's /subnet = 88.156.184.* | 88.156.185.*
made = 01.02.2012
evidence = demo
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