MySports needs

Hello Anonymous,

GermanyMySports need a new Fops and epic "aiming/aggressive" Medic to complete the lineup!

Russiazentic (c) (2nd Engi)
Netherlandsj4Ck (c) (Allrounder)
Germanydaxx (Medic)
Poland/United Kingdomeuphoria (Rifle)
EuropeAgressive Medic


image: logohead
about us :
  • med skilled
  • stable
  • willing to improve
  • ladder/cups/OC
  • TS3 - Server - Full support
  • playing 3/4 times per week (sun,tue(wed),thu) from 20-22;30 CET

about you :[/u]
  • can play 3/4 times per week
  • FOPS or an aggressive MEDIC
  • atleast med skill.
  • Europe
  • don't be shy, give usefull comms and don't whine too much.
  • be mature, use your brain - and so on.
  • would be a "plus" if someone of us knows you.

Leave me PM HERE[/b] and talk to MyS|j4CK or MyS|ZENTiC

Tryouts tonight 20:00 CET


pm me for offi if you are finished with pracc
daxxxi gona destroy everyone!
e: gl! :D
pm Talol!
gl jack<3 and daxxx :)
gl guys
gl dax :)
gl zentic

e: willing to improve ":D"
logo would look much better if you only had the red circle in the middle, then made it 3d-like / bevel
This is the old logo but I still prefer it.
image: 34s5gxv
image: logo
better than the old one anyway!
Good luck :), fancy pictures :XD

reviving medics underrated! (gotto have someone whore up all the exp, yo)
I offered my body, but got rejected :'(
guess im avi after esl perhaps..
klinkt goed!
good to hear :-)
good luck!
gl daxx, zentic
avi as agressive medic P-)
gl. Get lol, loooooool!
i approve this :P
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