Statti needs moviemaker

As previous moviemaker told his "hdd died" I decided to find another moviemaker.
I got around 100 frags vs ec & oc teams.

4-7kills/ frag
5-15secs + few longer clips
mostly smg frags but got some spam too.

I can try picking out the best ones myself but I can send you all if you want to pick them yourself. Movie should be around 5-10mins. Up to you.

I dont have any requirements but it would be a bonus if you were able to use hitsounds. You get to pick music and otherwise do anything you please as long as I hear songs before their final use. If you can make quality better than fraps, I will be pleased.

gl, sick frags with lots of headshots you got there :)
How do you know? :D
You sent me 3-4 demos for a community movie :)
if you wanna have more info about the project and your role in it, send a pm :o)
good luck :)
QuoteAs previous moviemaker told his "hdd died" I desided to find another moviemaker.

I used to laugh when people wrote that :(
Can you believe that I use english at work? :D +c
Ah I see. I thought you were making fun of my deside :D
nowai, i only laugh at english fails if the guy is flaming me or if its hummel :P
he desided not to
Quote(url) [] fragtext of oldschool movie i was attempting to make before my pc broke

image: 1282786204310
pro palyer
ask Finland pannari !
Quote4-7kills/ frag


;) gl
noob :D

gl bro
Would take 3 years to make it with 100frags
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