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Hello girls, Hello guys.

I'm coming to you to promote our #ET.cod4 channel.
We are playing some IRC match everyday, and it would be cool to see new players.
We are playing low+ or med skill. We don't care at all if you are noob, pro or nigger. We just want to have fun on Call of Duty 4.
We got a Teamspeak 3 Channel and a CoD4 game server powered by YCN (I hope this will give us 1 free month :D)

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Here is a list of some usual players :

  • FranceSIMOON
  • PolandWuT
  • Polandaldamith
  • EstoniaManzz
  • EstoniaNukits
  • Netherlandsfusii
  • BelgiumvAPOR
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We got the iGather bot on #ET.cod4, just type !add when you are avi to play, and don't be scared to HighLight some of guys from the list above (HL is not spamming)

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#>.< - Tryfacers best cod4 mix team ever :)
Gl WuT, but cod4... :( why no ET kurwa
QuoteWe don't care at all if you are noob, pro or nigger

le best cod4 irc channel ever!
we also have our TS where we play and stuff, simoon can add it :P
and game server ofc ! :)
#devastation / #charism.cod4 for mixes.
#devastation / #charism.cod4 for mixes.

Fusii will never be part of this, he's dev forever
too low for me, sorry
add me Switzerland alexandrov
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