spankie avi as moviemaker

Hello there, crossies!
It's me again and I'm motivated to make something somehow fresh I hope. What I can provide for you is a 3-4-5 minutes movie with decent editing, halfway decent colors and some singular cams (I hate them guts). I will choose the music and the overall mood for the clip, feel free to add your own suggestions, though. I'm looking mostly for smg/pistol frags, although some nice nades or supports are also welcome. If you feel like you're good enough to give it a try, please contact me here or /q `spankie @ I'd rather like you to be somehow skilled.

Previous projects:

meeeeee !
need like 2 mins clip :p
ile bierzesz za 5 min movie ? ;oo
tysiad pincet sto dziwincet
ska szuka mm :)
a ja szukam ska : P
dalem mu cynk :)
gl great mm
meeeeeeeee! need minimovie (4-5) mins :)
make mine, last time I gave you everything and then you fucked me off for someone else
omagat im in dat movie
takie him immediately, pretty skilled moviebaker + nice guy :)
Decent guy and very talented moviemaker. Take him while you can :)
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