bsturz recruiting

Im bored of only playing 3o3 and Wanna try 6o6 again for next OC/EC so anyone skilled and bored send me message on xfire. Must be med+ engi smg, rifle, medic talk active. Avi 3 Times à week
nothx, gl ;)
Take Specula and testi :D
i heard Specula avi is (a)
Kom till Australien eller få till något nu fyf*n :P!
what a lowskilled topic.
take specula, so everything is just like before he went inactive

You going 2 lan?

gL btw sexeh :)
GL owner!
generic team of bsturz morons incoming
GL bro! hope you will make some nice team;) <3
testi, fuchs, joke, specula, fizz, ercan profit?
testi playing for zeroE, joke quitted et, ercan only avi every 2nd week
so lu atm: specula, fuchs, fizz ?
who said that i am playing with him :DDDD
i have no clue about the lu if fizz is playing or not
it´s bSturz, and your name is specula and fuchs is the leader... It´s simple.
How often are you guys gonna /quit and rebuild bsturz? Is this the 5th time since 2011? o_O
me and greziekzczezczse are avi
I like drunk owners
if I promise to behave
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