CCDT sign ups CLOSED

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With the announcement of the Crossfire Community Draft Tournament we needed a place to collect and gather the sign ups, I can tell you that you found the right place. You can find the orginal newspost over here

How to sign up?

Just leave a post down here with the template you can find below.

As captain you need to be high skilled player and have a Co-captain at your side. We consider EC and NC players as high skilled. There might be a few cases where this doesn’t workout those cases we will reviewed one by one.

For the community players there aren't that many qualifications you just need to be clean, as in not tagged on cf/banned by cb/esl/tzac. Note that you can only pick one class and will be put in that so called 'hat' to give everyone a fair chance.

Note: You can only take 1 class, every line up will be build up as: 1 rifle/1 Engi SMG/1 MutliClasser/3 Medic so make your decision carefully.

After singing up feel free to idle at #CCDT and make sure that you are in that channel on the 13th of march.

Here’s a template for you to sign up:
Template for a captain:
TZAC id:
TZAC id:
Co-Captain ‘s class:

Template for a community player:
TZAC id:
Class: XXXX <- add your class here! either medic, rifle, smg engi or multiclass! - applications with field ops or medic/field/et cetera are not valid)

Name: NorwaySnuble
TZAC id: 3685
Class: Fop/multiclass
Co-Captain: AustriaPotter
TZAC id: potter
Co-Captain ‘s class: Medic

Name:NetherlandsJALLAAAAAA (ZaK)
TZAC id:3287
TZAC id:9696
Co-Captain ‘s class:medic

Name: Germany kiwi
TZAC id:00000293
Co-Captain: Germany kevji
TZAC id:00000294
Co-Captain ‘s class:rifle

Name Norway SQuid
TZAC id: 00000881
Co captain: Norway Zodiac
co captain tzac: 00000233
co captain class: medic

Name: Germany s1LENT
TZAC id: 00000281
Class: Multiclass
Co-Captain: Germany gr0ss
TZAC id:00000600
Co-Captain ‘s class: Medic

Name: United Kingdom R0SS
TZAC id: 00004219
Class: Engi SMG
Co-Captain: United Kingdom Sqzz
Co-Captain Class: Medic

Name: Canada monkey
TZAC id: 00028625
Class: Multiclasser
Co-Captain: France smirzz
Co-Captain ‘s class: engi SMG

Name: Estonia mant
TZAC id:551
Co-Captain: Estonia raul
TZAC id:
Co-Captain ‘s class:Engi SMG

Name: Estonia Sinnu
TZAC id: 00002021
Class: Rfile
Co-Captain: Belgium Sh1zzle
Co-Captain Class: Medic

Name: Germany stRay
TZAC id: 345
Class: medic
Co-Captain: Germany eujen
TZAC id: 660
Co-Captain ‘s class: Engineer

Name: Slovakia filuS
TZAC id: 00000925
Class: Multiclasser
Co-Captain: Poland palemki
TZAC id: 00000826
Co-Captain ‘s class: medic

TZAC id:287
TZAC id:435
Co-Captain ‘s class:engismg

Name: Croatia frozz
TZAC id: 00001562
Co-Captain: Poland syriusz
TZAC id: no idea
Co-Captain ‘s class: med

Name: United Kingdom chewz-
TZAC id: 00002044
Class: Multiclasser
Co-Captain: Canada anim
TZAC id:00001718
Co-Captain ‘s class: Medic

Name: Poland fanatic
TZAC id: 824
Class: Medic
Co-Captain:France TOMOYO
TZAC id: 938
Co-Captain ‘s class: Rifle

Name: Netherlands JOSHUA
TZAC id:00001423
Class: Rifle
Co-Captain: Netherlands saKen
TZAC id: 00000203
Co-Captain ‘s class: multi

Name: Belgium bltzZ
TZAC id: 00002378
Class: multiclasser
Co-Captain: Belgium fostruM
TZAC id: 00002964
Co-Captain ‘s class: multiclasser

Name: Netherlands xPERiA
TZAC id: 00000608
Class: Medic
Co-Captain: United Kingdom razz
TZAC id: 00000649
Co-Captain's class: Multiclasser

Name: Hungary sebi
TZAC id: 00000441
Class: multiclass
Co-Captain: Hungary Nonix
TZAC id: 00002703
Class: medic

Editor note: Captains added till comment - 05/03/2012 10:25 CET ( Germany SPU9 )!
Some applications were ignored due to fake/no skill match!

Engineer SMG:

Name: Anonymous reshep
TZAC id:00000964

Name: Germany RazZaH
TZACK id: 00003222

Name: Poland chickita
TZAC id: 00010712

Name: Chile casek
TZAC id: 00016698

Name: Columbia Stonerrrr
TZAC id : 00002972

Name: Estonia sCope
TZAC id: 00000567

Name: Korea, Republic of nORAs
TZAC id: 00000480

Name: Norway aapje
TZAC id: 00000832

Name: France jau
TZAC id: 3115

Name : France r1vA
TZAC ID : 00028381

Name: Finland ZeeTa
TZAC id:00004317

Name: Germany tiM
TZAC id: 2116

Name: Canada Brisk
TZAC id: 00003217

name: Belgium Viquel
TZACID: 62298

Name: Poland wassabi
TZAC id: 00000910

Name: Czech RepublicLoocko
TZAC id: 6666

name: Hungary Godhak
TZAC: 00001559

Name: Poland mikEHHhh
TZAC id: 00000599

Name: Switzerland GirljZE
TZAC id: 00029150

Name: Finland Tursas
TZAC id: 218

Name: Poland SnaCki
TZAC ID:00001298

Name: United States of America kARDON
tzac: 993

Name: Slovenia m1ke
TZAC id: 00000786

Name: Netherlands Chris_Brown
TZAC id: 00000249

Name: Armenia Eduardyan
TZAC id: 00056003

Name: Estonia yEnch
TZAC id: 00000762

Name: Netherlands Death
TZAC id: 00016913

Name: Finland markus
TZAC id: 00008755

Name: Netherlands TimbolinA
TZAC id: 00007023

Name: Finland VerMu
TZAC id: 00000613

Name: Estonia Nukits
TZAC id: 00002933

Name: Estonia x3NJa
TZAC id: 2022

Name: Switzerland oops992
TZAC id: 00052554


Name: Netherlands L4mpje
TZAC id: 00000321

Name: Estonia tEQjii
TZAC id:00031307

Name: Poland riZla
TZAC id: 00026578

Name: Finland HIRVI
TZAC ID: 00000124

Name: Slovakia Weffrox
TZAC id: 00019894

Name:Finland Pannari
TZAC id: 00000216

Name: United Kingdom hvK
TZAC id: 00001064

Name: France skynet
TZAC id : 00004342

Name: Austria DonMatthias
TZAC id: 1448

Name : Czech Republic desitka
TZAC id: 00006435

Name: Germany ScaTmaN_
TZAC id: 00000866

Name: Czech Republic mnew
TZAC id: 00003209

Name: Poland Arturinho
TZAC id: 00003175

Name: Belgium Piegie
TZAC ID: 00000031

Name: Finland naku
TZAC: 00000244

Name: Germany TimeN
TZAC ID: 105

Name: Estonia Cannonize
TZAC id: 000017

Name: Finland Jahe
TZAC id: 00000491

Name: Germany sPECULA
TZAC id: 00001383

Name: Netherlands stib
TZAC id:00000785

Name: Poland Cisy
TZAC id: 00000676

Name: Spain Hayes
TZAC id: 00000208

Name: Croatia 2accurate (ekjuret)
TZAC id: 00001093

Name: Germany tanchez
TZAC id: 00000761


name: United Kingdomjam
tzac id: 00004622

name: Netherlandsshootej
Tzac id: 00009406

name: GermanydAv1d
Tzac id: 00007706

Name: Croatiablind
TZAC id: 00000120

Name: NetherlandsBaas
TZAC id: 0002786

Name : United States of AmericaBlooded
Tzac : 00004548

Name: Poland stexx
TZAC id: 00041679

Name: Zagreb danL
TZAC id: 00000252

Name: Argentina metalkid
TZAC id:00006257

Name: Czech Republic darius
TZAC id: 559

Name Netherlands Woooooo
TZAC ID: 00004830

Name: Poland Elviss
TZAC id: 00001083

Name: Anonymous Kipzz/Hydro
Tzac: 00000126

Name: Romania Stary
TZAC id: 00004786

Name: Latvia sfinnn
Tzac ID: 00003455

Name: Germany nk3
Tzac: 00049787

Name: Argentina santzjO_o
TZAC id: 2423

Name: Poland susol
TZAC id: 00009950

Name: Italy vj7o
Tzac ID: 843

Name: Taiwan fklsz / fakkel
TZAC id: 00031705

Name: Poland son1c
TZAC id: 00000681

Name: Germany AntiCasp3r
TZAC: 436

Name: Finland maik
TZAC id: 00043371

Name: Czech Republic tezaXo
TZAC id: 00006432

Name: Germany hattfatt
TZAC id: 00010467

Name: Finland B3ach
TZAC id:00001724

Name: Finland holy
TZAC id: 00001514

Name: Germany we3D
TZAC id: 00000295

Name: Poland sprAjt
TZAC id: 00002639

Name: Poland viC
TZAC id: 00000604

Name: Finland HardyRah
TZAC id:00000872

Name: Finland Hukk
TZAC id: 00001640

Name: Sweden Fr!ght
TZAC id: 00002428

Name: Finland Pr3D
TZAC id:00000085

Name: Estonia lendur
TZAC id: 00033543

Name: Romania garf
TZAC id: 00007057

Name: Netherlands ironic
TZAC id: 00000645

Name: Finland rEEtyy
TZAC id: 00002482

Name: England hsTE
TZAC id: 00001098

Name: Macedonia Havoc
Tzac id: 141

Name: Sweden Lenny (Sgt.Pepper)
TZAC ID: 00003321

Name: France Rapk
TZAC id: 14878

Name: Canada embarrassed
TZAC id: 00003136

Name: Netherlands banaan
TZAC id : 00000170

Name: Finland squaze
TZAC id: 1914

Name: Poland samraj
TZAC id: 000557

Name: United Kingdom ScarZy
TZAC id: 677

Name: Israel montage
TZAC id: 00015790

Name: Finland rsp
TZAC id: 1472

name ; Iceland deztro
TZACid ; 00044894

Name: Finland knnk
TZAC id: 00028700

Name: Finland unload
TZAc id: 00017064

Name: Poland sNi
TZAC id: 5389

Name: Germany wA!t
TZAC id:00000445

Name: Austria jaN
TZAC id: 00001261

Name: Netherlands crabje
TZAC id: 00007357

Name: Poland zerohour
TZAC id: 00001317

Name: Poland promen
TZAC id: 00000947

Name: Europe ton1
TZAC id: 00000531

Name: Germany ramozji
TZAC id: 00000969

Name: Lithuania revee
TZAC id:00004240

Name: Germany busyD
TZAC id: 00008782

Name: Slovakia aiRen
TZAC id: 304

Name: Belgium Buzzer
TZAC id: 000000182

Name: Portugal sYlt
TZAC iD: 00001264

Nick: Netherlands jinx
TZAC: 00028846

Name: Poland sonNy
TZAC id: 00002146

Name: Spain magico
TZAC id: 00000195

Name: Netherlands jeewee
TZAC id:00001997

Name: Czech Republic milhAus
TZAC id: 00000139

Name: Finland kolibri
TZAC id: 00000687

Name: Germany predi
TZAC id: 00002266

Name: Sweden kaze
TZAC id: 918

Name: Finland ollirna
TZAC id: 00004951

Name: Portugal punky
TZAC id: 00002587

name: Germany moPPel
TZAC: 00002161

Name: Austria joey
TZAC id:00003254

Name: Portugal Saeba
TZAC id: 00021824

Name: Poland BloOdje
tzac: 00001142

Name: Estonia Rivo
TZAC id: 00004588

Name: Finland ppavee
TZAC id: 00013019

Name: Poland fwraven
TZAC id: 00001453

Name: Germany WhiteSide
TZAC id: 00017260

Name: United Kingdom potty
TZAC: 00058793

Name: United Kingdom garin
TZAC id: 00000024

Name: Norway horegutten
TZAC id: 00003342

Name: Sweden H1ko
TZAC id: 00003091

Name: Belgium DOOPPI
TZAC id : 00013711

Name: Belgium spiROZE
TZAC id : 00005846

Name: France dwiGht
TZAC id: 00004261

Name: United Kingdom deadone
TZAC: 00062500

Name: Czech Republic c4p
TZAC id: 00000716

Name: United Kingdom Fumble
Tzac id: 00000119

Name: Sweden Weslann
TZAC id: 00028456

Name: Austria fuJiii
TZAC Id: 00000532

Name: Belgium Goku
TZAC id: 00001509

Name: Poland Dim
TZAC id: 00000038

Name: Sweden PankakaN
TZAC id: 00002427

Name: Finland Hemo
TZAC id: 00000825

Name : France RASHOMON
TZAC ID: 9445

Multiclasser (fieldops/covert ops/medic/third Engi)

name: RomaniaBu1l3t
Tzac id: 00009030

Name: Germany nicon
TZAC id: 140

Name: Germany Phazor
TZAC id: 00002939

Name: Slovenia verunA
TZAC id: 00000887

Name: United Kingdom MerlinatoR
TZAC ID: 00000598

Name: Austria flux
TZAC id: 2460

Name: Romania unforgiven
TZAC id:766

Name: Czech Republic quish
TZAC id: 00000577

Name: Slovakia bravo
TZAC id :00004281

Name: Poland bytheway
TZAC id:150

Name: Belgium sjonnie
TZAC id: 6337

Name: France teki
TZAC id: 00000089

Name: Switzerland Gabri22
TZAC id: 6728

Name: Germany laNgo
TZAC id: 00000971

Name: Belgium yAnnickk?
TZAC id: 00000135

Name: Poland Yoddha
TZAC id: 00000049

Name: Poland HaoKakao
TZAC id: 00000015

Nick: France kartez
TZAC: 00001030

Name: Germany mAurice
TZAC id: 00001743

Name: Poland BoOk
TZAC id: 00006594

Name: Belgium Trigon
Tzac: 00001873

Name: Finland eibbb
TZAC id: 00005540

Name: Germany caTchEr
TZAC: 00000149

Name: Belgium hARMEN
TZAC id: 14737

Name: Finland blackwolf
TZAC id: 0000810

Name: Germany Fendah
TZAC id: 00000643

Name: Netherlands bage
TZAC id: 00002857

Name: Finland Niki0o
TZAC id: 00002362

Name: Germany Kenji (CF: Kenjiii)
TZAC id: 5089 (Kenji)

Name: Netherlands Kri
TZAC id: 00013337

Name: Netherlands fritsie
tzac 00000459

Name: France Snatix
TZAC id: 00004736

name: United Kingdom Gnome
TZAC ID 00005899

Name: Germany balu
TZAC id:00000372

Name: Austria kALLI
TZAC id: 00000533

Name: Estonia Booo
TZAC id: 6545

Name: Germany mztic
TZAC ID: 00003587

Name: Netherlands woody
TZAC id:402

Name: Poland buggs
TZAC id: 00009693

Name: Germany kNocHe
TZAC id: 00001164

Name: Latvia FUZZ
TZAC id: 00004215

Name: Skandinavia Mr.Lag
TZAC id : 00028424

Name: Finland Woony
TZAC id: 00003843

Name: Poland johNny
TZAC id: 00000779

Name: Poland grzesiek
TZAC id: 548

Name: Poland akupunktura
TZAC id: 00001248

Name: Poland mag
TZAC id: 00000505

Name: Estonia TaavI
TZAC id: 00000570

Name: Germany YJZjZZJZ
TZAC id: 00000168

Name: Germany mental
TZAC id: 00002254

Name: Sweden IcEcrusT
TZAC id:1035

Name: Poland Sinnsyk
Tzac: 00012320

Name: Croatia rimi
TZAC: 00003241

Name: Estonia Cocaine
TZAC id: 00008700

Name: Poland Tokar
TZAC id: 00001335

Name: Slovenia seareal
TZAC id: 00036974

Name: Zimbabwe Highway
TZAC id: 00002011

Editor note: Players added till comment - 05/03/2012 10:25 CET ( Germany SPU9 )!
Some applications were ignored due to tzac/busted...!

I want to give a big shoutout/thanks to GermanySPU9 for helping me keeping this up to date
Name: stexx
TZAC id: 00041679
Class: medic
You need to be a captain :P

Find yourself a co-captain!

maybe Elviss?
Idd what Nukits said
You're skilled enough to fill a captaincy spot
and the aim is for 32 captains so gogogo!
Name: Highway
TZAC id: 00002011
Class: Multiclasser
All players/captains added untill this post!
Name : Blooded
Tzac : 00004548
class: medic
Name: Baas
TZAC id: 0002786
Class: medic
Name: blind
TZAC id: 00000120
Class: medic
and please guys, dont ask why your comment got you can see nearly every comment got deleted...we delete your comment after adding you to the hidden list !
name: dAv1d
Tzac id: 00007706
class : medic
You need to be a captain :P

Find yourself a co-captain!

zMk is searching if you're interested :)
name: shootej
Tzac id: 00009406
class : medic
name: Bu1l3t
Tzac id: 00009030
class: multiclass
Name: ViKODiN
Tzac id: 00029608
Class: engi smg
Class: XXXX <- add your class here! either medic, rifle, smg engi or multiclass! - applications with field ops or medic/field/et cetera are not valid)
choose one so I can add you.
Add till this comment ------------------
Name: Limbonic
Tzac id: 00008822
Class: Engi SMG
Skill: klolnoob
Name: scOw
Tzac ID: 00003638
class: medic
name: sYnop
Tzac id: 00005402
class : medic
name: ghana
tzid: 138
calss: eng smg
Name: Czech Republic t4Mj
TZAC id: 00000955
Class: medic
you're not allowed m8
he is to nice for it :$$$$
Name: Germany c6shy
TZAC id: 00000092 !CLEAN!
Class: Medic

btw allowed to play on cb :P
I won't sign you up, as I did rather see 'tottaly clean' people play than you.
even allowed on cb, over 560 days tzac clean acc .. ESL guys hatin me thats all..
If I would be a 'tottaly cheater' you think CB would let me play officials?!..
we don't give fuck. I like these strict rules
Name : yNkk
TZAC id: 00000098
Class: Rifle
Name: kotz
TZAC id: 00007730
Class: rifle
Name: siL
TZAC id: 00001861
Class: Multiclass
Name: daniel
TZAC id: 00028457
Class: medic
Name: candiiisek
TZAC id: 464
Class: Medic
Name: zMk
TZAC id: 00000937
Class: Rifle
You need to be a captain :P

Find yourself a co-captain!
TZAC id:00029389
Name: sRtz
TZAC id: 00004541
Class: Multiclasser
Name: Mr_lag
TZAC id: 00028424
Class: Medic
TZAC iD:1083
You need to be a captain :P

Find yourself a co-captain!

maybe stexx?
Name: cupcaKe
TZAC ID: 00000668
Class: medic
TZAC id:29
Class: medic
Captain sign-up:
Name: Germanymental
TZAC id: 00002254
Class: Multiclass
Co-Captain: United KingdomhvK
TZAC id: 00001064
Co-Captain ‘s class: Rifle
Name: IndiaSingH
TZAC ID: 00001548
Class: Multiclasser
Name: Spain magico
TZAC id: 00000195
Class: Rifle
Co-Captain: Spain Gengis
TZAC id: 00002233
Co-Captain ‘s class: Medic
Name: Portugal q-t
TZAC id:00002381
Class: smg engi
Name: lettu
TZAC id: 00003898
Class: Medic
Co-Captain: koop
TZAC id: 00000260
Co-Captain ‘s class: Rifle
Name: Germany humM3L
TZAC id: 00003309
Class: Multiclasser or smg ing or med = )

I play from my laptop i suck these days, med skill around thats why i dont want to be a captain. Simple decision : )
Name: Statti
TZAC id: 00001692
Class: Medic
find yourself a co-captain ur not low skilled statti ! :D
I thought I was :/

ps. =D
I didnt read the whole post. Thought it was similar to past draft cups:D
Name: Samuel L. Jackson
TZAC id: 00013910
Class: Rifle
Name: Ati_
TZAC id: 00002925
Class: Rifle
be captain!
mweh, too much work I think :D
You will be rejected if you signup as a community player
I signed up as a big dog player, should be fine
sign up as captain you big dog ;)
How does it work then? I just pick random players from a list?
you will only need to pick a co captain(some rather skilled player) and we will randomly select 4 players to play with you. the Idea behind this you will explain them tactics and learn them some fancy ET stuff while playing.
ugh, fine then :D assign me a co-captain xD
noob you should've come earlier, I was avi :D
Name: cRackeR
TZAC id: 00002129
class: multiclasser
Name: Booni
TZAC id: 00008655
Class: medic
Name: Robert
TZAC id: 00000581
class: rifle
Name: k0lzar

TZAC id:00043712

class:medic/eng smg
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