Cyborg R.A.T 7

Hi all.
I have problem with my new mice R.A.T 7. Dont have stable movement probably laser cant read pad Aqua 2 and Qck mini. I need to change for better pad or its problem with laser ?
i think its the pad's fault
shit mouse
is that a mouse or a car from transformer????????
You should not buy a ratmice..
is it bad? i jizzed my pants when i saw the trailer :D
dunno, but those pad were made long time ago, so maybe they aint good for new mice (like rat are), also you could have a deffect product.

there is twoo option :

- send the mouse back to the seller & buy a new one
- buy a new mousepad (wich is known to fit well with new mice)
i had one cyborg rat too too it sucked :X
I love my Cyborg rat 7 :) perfekt
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