Crossfire ME3 Players

add to the sticky about other games PLAWKS

image: mass-effect

gief origin logins lets paly paly me3 sometime

me: AM1G00

Proc mi to neide neide mi hra preco ?
how is multiplayer works? what you should have to do during the game?

dunno if i should buy oryginal game yet
you have a lot of classes with various skills (krogan and drell melee op), you team up with 3 or 4 players (dunno now) and youre placed on a pretty small map, then you have to defend yourself against upcoming enemy waves (avi opponents; geth, cerberus, reapers), sometimes you have to hack smth (in this small map, so just all of you run to one point and stand there for a while). i was like wtf at the start i thought there will be missions with plot but still, its pretty fun. matches grant you galactic readiness, and idk if you know, more than 4000 or 5000 effective military strength (dont remember how much) = different ending in the sp.
really? what happens then?
Afaik sheppard and or anderson dont die :P
People who are too braindead to understand the ending made that :D
It's because they won't wipe eachother out and possibly end all life or even worse. Something which appearantly has happened before.
I have no problem about "bad" endings, they just need to give a bit more closure :P
can u play this game co-op offline?
there is mass effect 3?
Didn't get my own copy yet, but I plan on getting it :P
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