Piegie caught cheating at cod4?

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15,13 15:51 [CB]t4Mj 14• im disappointed bro.

However Piegie and me are good buddies and I knew something was fishy as he hasn't played cod4 in ages and this ban was registered yesterday so I looked up the guid on pbbans and got this:
image: icpwdi
after that I decided to look for the ip on yae and found this
(url) [[url]www.yae.be][/url]
whose etpro guid matches with none other than our lovely BelgiumhEAVEN/!\
and there are many other ips that have played on Piegie's guid.
Is this a conspiracy against Piegie?

People that have played on his guid:
Czech Republict4mjee



Quote[21:08] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: hi
[21:08] IceQj: hi
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: why the fuck
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: i'm
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: on this story
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: about cheat
[21:09] IceQj: your ip :|
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: on cod4
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: ye but ?
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: yersteday i playd on cod4
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: nor
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: and this morning
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: i got banned
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: wtf
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: for no reason
[21:09] IceQj: by pb
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: ye
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: i know
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: but
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: because we guys
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: used
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: the same key
[21:09] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: cod key
[21:10] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: and someone else
[21:10] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: on ur list
[21:10] IceQj: but
[21:10] IceQj: Piegie never gave you the key
[21:10] IceQj: he said
[21:10] IceQj: who did?
[21:10] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: tamjee
[21:10] IceQj: lol
[21:10] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: he selling it to me
[21:10] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: agaisn't a ET :QW key
[21:10] ' FREEGUN. dLAKZ/hEAVEN: :D:D
[21:10] IceQj: lol
[21:10] IceQj: well
[21:11] IceQj: the ban was because of pb
[21:11] IceQj: nothing I could do about it
[21:11] IceQj: I only posted that forum topic so that Piegie wouldn't get banned
[21:11] IceQj: since it wouldn't really be fair

image: bouncy_model
this title is like those yellow magazine headlines, which say one thing and in the story prove different... tho neverheard of him
some more IPs are missing, i bet it wasnt piegie anyway
those ips didn't give any information on yae so it was useless to post them
hEAVEN cheated on CoD4? I played with him in some random mix like 2 weeks ago and he was fucking shit haha :p

Never thought Piegie would hack aswell, his gaming life is too valuable for that little guy :)
If it is not a conspiracy ? nice to bust his friend !
Piegie never liked heaven and always though of him as a retard (like most of the people that have played on his guid)
besides t4mjee
if I get that right you gave the key to someone that gave it to stib who gave it to tamje who gave it to heaven who cheated with it xD
nah he gave it to stib
i like thx for reading part
All these bastards hating on Piegie

fu all
Great work my not so dumb asian friend!
bestfriend would have never done that
Doubt Piegie would do this tbh, at the other side i wouldn't doubt for a second that heaven would try to cheat at cod4 too :D
piegie clean of coarse no hax needed for our pokémon <3
If you get busted on cod4, will you be banned from ET ?
Hahahha seen it today, laughed out loud irl :(
wimpie cheater haha =p
fucking piegie knew he was always cheating when i played him.
actually you're just bad <3
yea, i was just trolling to hide my lowskill :(
I dont realy understand this post... My name on it but I never played COD4... I dont get it...
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