Late night L4D2 players

Looking for some decent l4d2 players to play versus with. I've played around 80 hours l4d2 versus (160~ campaign) but its painful playing pubrolls.

Preferable if you've played more hours than me, actually have a l4d2 cfg etc.

I dunno how many ET players play this game but its great fun if you're winning... but if you're losing you seriously consider jumping off the nearest skyscraper.

PM me if interested!
L4D only here
35 hours not enough? : <
:( better go sleep instead. night x
35 in campaign or in versus? :D
lol i pwn dat game xD
lol just played it with 2 friends ;x
i got this fun shit
hste is a fucking beast in that game

Hste's not bad
Play with g5. We go HUGE or we go home
I just started playing, haven't even tried versus yet :/
versus is pretty nice, should try it!
will do :)
i've got 72 hours in versus mode only......
QuoteLate night
no can do :(
i see you miss me! :D
around 300 or 400 hours but its L4D.

l4d > l4d2 :s
might be avi, used to play on a "high skilled" level, game shouldn't be much different so wouldn't mind getting back into it!
Ah really, would be good if someone actually knew the game at that level. I'm not thinking of making a serious team, just would be good to know more people that are good at it to pm next time I play it.
Yeah, used to play in a team with a couple guys that played vs dignitas at the final of i37 and won. We were pretty decent and were gonna go to one of the iSeries events but didn't :( Team vs is the way forward though, none of that campaign rubbish!

Pm me your Steam nick/add me: miradolis :)
Oke added you on steam.

And yea campaign is only good when you're starting out, then it gets boring. :E
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