strange mic noise

hellow guys

Sometimes my microphone makes a strange noise every now and then in the teamspeak, like a vacuum and I have to unplug and plug it or restart teamspeak, i dont know why it happens to me please can someone help?

thanks you
my microphone is a genius headset microphone USB...
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is it possible the cord(core of cable) is damaged/broken ?
sometimes chairs roll over floor cables....

that or the pc port is damaged
Test with different mic, same thing happens the its the port/drivers/virus.

Delete system32
i dont think that the computers ports are damage becasue y try it with 2 differents computers and with a lot of differents ports, but i cant see nothing wrong in the cable...
buy a good mic you cheap fuck
I got the same thing :/

Pmme if you find any solution, it happens just in ts3.

Mic comes straight from plug, doesn't matter if it is from back / front.
Panel de control>Dispositivos de sonido, audio y voz>Dispositivos de sonido y audio> audio>Dispositivo predeterminado ( selecciona USB Audio Device) y prueba eso :P

y tambien te vas a voz y en donde dice dispositivo Predeterminado elijes USB Audio Device .. Aplicar > Aceptar Y GG

Disable +20 dB mic boost
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