How is this retard allowed to play again? and from the looks of his guid age, someone's been selling dem pricey TZAC accounts



Registration date: November 22, 2010


Registration date: June 4, 2011

Banwave didn't happen until feb tuesday/wednesday 2012. so no way he made this account before. and still have Password access to it (as we all know what happened when it moved from SLAC to TZAC)

seriously whoever gave their tzac account to heaven is more of a retard than heaven is
Who cares? He is low anyway.
Played vs him and he played way better than everyone is saying these days about him being "low"... which bothers me
But u shouldn't care of him too much. if he plays only irc wars , for me it's ok. If he plays offis, he should be banned. (My opinion)
Played WITH him, he really is normal player but you right, weird thing that people still offer tzac accounts to banned player :D
april fools
he's not the only one :)
he's not the only one, for example crod playing from nicon's tzac account

http://yae.be//?slacnick=nicon&c=Search&a=players ip matches with (url) [yae.be]

but you know how it goes, tzac + paypal = i'm blind
if anyone wants to buy mine (id 580) pm

bidding starts at 100e however, i will also consider guitar amps as valid payment.
290 here.
150e for my acc!
yea,heaven is retarded
haha, enjoy your ban cheater

3 May 2012, 21:22
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