zeroE need 1

Europe zeroE need 6th. ShiSha cant attend Androits LAN, so we need someone, who can.

We are: skilled, motivated, english speaking
Our LU:
Czech Republic denton
Czech Republic Green_Clon
Czech Republic malfoy
Czech Republic milhAus
Netherlands Testi

You should be: skilled, motivated, LANAVI, english speaking, non- /!\

If interested, pm me either here, or on irc (zeroE`G-ClOFF/zeroE`G-Clon)
hf, testi, green will deliver
nooo ShiSha :<

gl guys
gl guyz
gl guys :)))
especially wouter and milhaus
GL greenie!
Testi at lan?
Good team, deserves a good player!
jalo ? ;)
BelgiumDOOPPI :)
gl testi
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