its just face detection , dont worry
tzacname Weslannboy, wtf
Ye was just playing a 3o3 against them, his mate was cheating too
just played him :D but then his tzac nick was chinese
Lol weslann ?
No, funny is that u played with him so stfu
hehe, this made me smile, especially cuz weslan was h8ing on hennessy
is it hennessy?
ye sup problem?
kom die ene ts3 van laatst, devicta heette die. hebben 3e nodig
im gonna do some research of if its really you, ill give you mah feedback later
admins react. got private logs of how weslann admits that he used standart ETBot 4.11. which one of the admins should i share these logs to?
go public or go shut up
as much as i know that logs on crossfire are not allowed, but since u asked. hennessyboi: well done weslann
Weslann-: not even me
hennessyboi: thats what they all say
Weslann-: Yea, lets wait and see what admins do
Weslann-: if they ban me, ima fucking flip on them fuckers
hennessyboi: are you really that desperate to be as good as me in ET that you have to cheat?
Weslann-: and fuck them up at lan
Weslann-: says the guy that got busted
Weslann-: funny thing is
Weslann-: book played with him
Weslann-: and asgeir
hennessyboi: rofl
hennessyboi: so what bot did you use?
Weslann-: standard etbot
Weslann-: 4.11
Weslann-: thinks its coded på pansemuckl(?)
hennessyboi: pathetic
hennessyboi: calling me cheater when ur actually cheating
hennessyboi: fucking retard
hennessyboi: and u still suck
Weslann-: hahahah
hennessyboi: do ET community a favour and uninstall
dont prove nothing
since it can be more troll than ego confession
it was a conversation on xfire. i still have it open so i could upload a picture, first i would have to get a program to paste it on though.
yeah just installed gimp, had to learn to use it, but here it is now.
Hope ur not serious :D
you're just gay, nothing more and nothing less.
It matches your tzac account
sga aka sigma again
its not sigma
nice weslann...
im spying NAIT tzac screenshots and find this axis legs

image: 1333315291-1174792993
again legs @ nait tzac ss
image: 1333654606-4125620816
The CUBE stole night from anxis!
dont count on it

it was "mix"
image: 1333811545-2091418555

You know, you can replace the "Vanhis" in the class binds with your own nick.
or he doesnt know that Vanhis stands for "Vanhaomena"
lol didn't rly think this about u weslann...
oh wilson wilson wilson ;)
obviously fake, gj trolling henessy btw ;d
Hennessy or whoever is trolling weslann: how fucking stupid can you possibly be? explain to me how is he playing on two accounts in 2 different scrims on two different servers?

image: fakeweslann

This wannabe weslann's account look at the date and time

now the real weslann's account and look at the date and time both accounts have been active when screenshots were taken:

image: realweslann

image: realweslann2

I don't like weslann either. but if you're gonna frame someone of cheating then you need to do alot better than that, stupid mong.

I hope this whole thread is a joke. or the comments about weslann hacking, if it is it's a pretty fucking shit joke and no one is laughing
who you replying to?
Thanks, and yea its Hennessy trying to bust me casue hes jelly of my proskills
i guess the screenshot says it all
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