mini mac problem

so... here is a screenshot and i think that the problem speaks for itself.
additional information:
- its a relatively old mini-mac (2004!)
- the problem does not always occur, it happens from time to time...
- on startup, there is almost no noise on the screen, but within 1-3 minutes, the screen is being overtaken by the lines and colors.
- the colors and lines keep changing
- i already tried a different monitor and that had no effect, so it must be the mini-mac

anybody has any idea what the problem is and what i can do about it? (virus/ready for format/trashcan?)

image: Afbeelding6
i think its the mini mac
its broken
image: BSOD

nah, only the way it breaks changes, by destroying everything you were working on.
image: Afbeelding6
thats what u get with mac ;D
or a PC with a broken GPU, like my friend with his HD5770 which he replaced with a GTX560
gpu seems broken
I'd say go to your local apple premium reseller ( iFactors etc. ) and ask there. If your gpu is broken you will only be able to replace the logic board which is rather expensive.. and iFixit has no replacement for your model in stock so you will have to go through apple on this one.
sounds like a Estoniamini problem
gpu, and as far i know, mac minis have igp, so yeah you need a replace

edit. try image: 31E26973NGL._SL500_AA300_
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