Player equipment

Hi !

I would like to change:
mouse pad

I play FPS and my budget would be 200€ , Suggestions? :)
steelseries qck pad

5 euro keyboard

5 euro headset
I already have mx518 :p
g400 >>>> mx518
these headphones are amazing for their price

and if you need a mic, go for the Zalman ZM-MIC
so thats why ur so bad, 5€ headset >.<

rolled u so many times how do you even dare to say this if you are like low+

but yeah only nerds spend much money on a headset just like you
cant even remember 1 time i played against u, since i dont search low/low+
peace cu
ye probably becuz you got rolled so many times that you cant even remember
even with hackers, they were low
it was more like highsens
(but yeah only nerds spend much money on a headset just like you)

hahaha idd :D
200 euro budget, mmmm

headset JVC HARX900 or Sony MDR-V6 ~70 euro If you like audio a lot, otherwise Sennheiser HD 201 or Creative fatality
zalman clip on mic ~15 euro
mouse Logitech g400 ~30 euro
mouse pad: Puretrak Talent ~30 euro
keyboard: Shitty one cheap as possible, trust led illumnation if you like shity black light other wise go to the nearest shop and take the one that feels most best and is cheap.

Shipping will probably cost you some money as well
mouse pad: Puretrak Talent ~30 euro

Marktplaats(dutch ebay) never used only damaged packaging :) 25 euro's here + 20 euro shipping :P but I have a 15 % discount code you can use! Might have cheaper shipping ;)
got it from ebay with 17$ + 5$ shipping :)
rather give me the discount! or buy 2!
KrK 8400 ....ggwp
there is no way you can still find a sony mdr-v6 for a decent price.

they stopped making them years ago, theyre out of production and most of the major retailers have completely sold out.

i know this, because mine got stolen and i had to order the last pair available on amazon.
I didn't know actually, today between 10:30-21:30 I will recive my JVC HA RX 900. Man I'm looking forward to this.
headset: siberia V2 : 65e
mouse: steelseries Xai 69e
pad: steelseries QCK 10e
keyboard: cheapest possible
Steelseries qck heavy: ~20euros or Puretrak Talent ~30 euros
Mouse Logitech: g400 ~35euros
Keyboard: Microsoft sidewinder x4 ~45euros
Headphones: Hard to decide, if you live in a right place or you are willing to order it from internet you can get maybe pair of Sennheisers or some other decent headphones. If you want to go for high-end phones you have to go over 100 euros. If the supply of stores close to are bad you can just go for some gaming headset if you don't require optimized choice for your money...
why would someone pay more on a keyboard then the mouse ?
my driver aint working for keyboard
headset & mouse are most important.

only pad worth to buy is that puretrak talent thingy, others wont make much difference.

& keyboard any logitech thing around 20 euros.
Does the keyboard change something aswell? I play still with the one from 1999 that i had in the box with my first PC :D
Keyboard: Sidewinder x4
Headset: Steelseris Siberia v2
Mouse: Steelseries Xai or Sensei
Mousepad: Puretrack Talent or Steelseries QCK Heavy

should be close under your budget and a quite decent setup for that money
why not recommending the steelseries 6gv2 as keyboard if you list so many steelseries products? :(
Anyone have wireless mouse ?
That's bad. Don't take anything wireless if you're into FPS
What stuff do you use? I just need to know what NOT to buy!

Oh na you did nat
you wont find better than mice with cable for fps gaymes
thers an awesome razer wireless gaming mouse with usb cable if u dont like wirless, i would buy it if it wasnt so damn expensive, got a few friends who got it, they say its awesome. gl
if it is for ET, no the sensor isn't good at all.

OFC Wireless are less efficiency than wired atm!

and sensei is only 20 euros less than mamba
wtf are u talking about u can play et with a fucking ball mouse ball the fuck off

e: most accurate laser ever.
get Razer Mamba
Best mouse ever.
Keyboard: Corsair K90
Mouse: Zowie EC2
Mousepad: Steelseries QcK+
Headset: Steelseries Siberia v2
Keyboard: Filco Majestouch Tenkeyless MX-Red/Brown
Mouse: Razer deathadder
Mousepad: Puretrak Talent
Headset: Sennheiser HD555 modded to 595
mouse: g400,xai,deathadder 1800
pad: puretrak talent
headset: looking for one myself so im not the best at this
keyboard: random

you wont make the huge step as a mega pro player if you buy something fancy for gaming :D
Keyboard : Logitech ultra-flat
Mouse : Razer Deathadder 1600 DPI first gen
Mousepad : Puretrak Talent
Headset : Steelseries Siberia
isn't it 1800 DPI??? (could be wrong)

if the first gen of da was 1600 dpi, the sensor should be the same as the diamonback and not the best one for new games (for ET it is quite good tho)
Sorry, i meant 1800 <3
Hahah die ultra flat keyboard had ik voor ages :D 20€ toen en ie was goed :D
hij is erg chill <3
Iam using :

Keyboard : Speedlink Darksy LED
Mouse : Speedlink Kudos
Headset : Medusa NX 5.1
Mousepad : roccat Taito

pretty awesome stuff :P
sponsor : Speedlink !
the headset IS good :P
sponsor : Speedlink !

cannot trust anyone who work(ed) for speedlink :D
haha well oki :)
Keyboard: Speedlink ???
Mouse: Razer deathadder
Mousepad: Steelseries Qck XXL
Headset: razer orca
To have

Mouse : G400
Headset : any good sennheiser
Keyboard : logitech's one from average range (i've got the G11 for 40€)
pad : roccat sense !
which fps?
keyboard : one that you feel comfortable with
mouse : one that you feel comfortable with
mouse pad : one that you feel comfortable with
Headset : one that you feel comfortable with

just go what feels good on your hand and/or head...
anything that blinks and is gaming branded
Keyboard: Filco Majestouch 2 Brown 150€
Mouse: MX518 / G400 30€
Mousepad: Steelseries 9HD 35€
Headset: AKG K272 130€
Mic: random chinese clip-on mic 2€

Total: 347€
and you still suck.. sup?
get a coke from a local shop
all rights reserved to Polandrafek
guess he was damn high
idd :P saw the post :P
i got weed from my box !
vodka and pills and enjoy gaming
old crt monitor from 1941
steelseries sensei mouse
steelseries qck heavy pad
steelseries siberia v2 headset
Logitech Compact K300

CRT??? wow this guy is on crack!!!

if you don't like to buy some gadget like customisable LED + Back Screen + Shit sensor then don't go for the sensei.

the qck is okay for 2/3 month of intense gaming usage.
simply the best mouse ever.
Quotecustomisable LED + Back Screen + Shit sensor

yeah cool LED color + 11k DPI man!!!
u dont know shit waht ur talking about so pls quit it, sensei is the best mouse you as a gamer would want, goodnight.
man i owned myself a XAI wich has the same sensor, the only new thing is those Colours and x2 DPI
not sure about the laser, best mouse ever.
not at all, you dunno wat you are talking about.

sell 1kg of your green stuff and buy every mice on the market, you'll get wat i meant :)

have a look at esreality, they can explain themselve better
get stealth instead of that ugly talent
wats different in stealth than talent?? exept the Logo???
stealht is a sillent killer
tallent is a puretalent
Logitech g400 : 35eur+-
Puretrak Talent - Complexity if cloth pad / Cheaper one becauze it will wear quick if hard pad : 25eur +- / 12.5 eur
Sennheiser PC151 (if you want a "gaming headset" with mic) 65eur +-
Steelseries 6g : 70eur+-

205 eur / 180 eur
keyboard : any keyboard that feels comportable clicking the keys while playing and on the same time not a keyboard that tends you to missclick.

mouse : g400!

mouse pad : i've got a razer exact mat but it isn't much good... check what they suggest above

Headset : whatever, i use normal sony phones and it's perfectly enough for me

keyboard - saitek
mouse - microsoft
headset - creative
logitech g500
no mousepad (useless anyways)
5$ keyboard
40$ headset are perfectly fine.

np for making u save money
Mouse: Steelseries Sensei [RAW]
Keyboard: Steelseries 6GV2 or random Cherry keyboard for 5€
Mousepad: Steelseries Qck Heavy
Headset: Steelseries Siberia v2 or good headphones with a table/clip-on mic
when does RAW get released?
dunno, want to buy mine?
for the right price, I probably would :p
It arrived three weeks ago, I will only use it till tomorow, make me an offer.
how come you have it pre-release date first of all? :p
glossy or non-glossy version?
it will be at 59€ when they start selling it.
$59, guess some retailers might do $ = €, but probably not all :p
but yeah I'm asuming you want somewhere around retail price for it then, I'll pass on that I think since it's used and all. + there's a diablo version out that will surely drop a lot in price so I might get that instead I think. But feel free to shoot me a pm if you change your mind. I might be flexible on price but it depends on shipping and shit :p
are you comming to LAN?
I might take it to LAN as a "backup mouse", getting my Sensei tomorow, you could have it there for 20 or 25 Euros
hmm, chances are slim I'm going unfortunately :p
swedish team was in the plans but it died out in regular fashion :D
I was mostly interested in going with swedes, cause well, i'm a homer I guess :D
don't think I will go with some other team
you've been sucking so much lately that don't go there to embarass yourself!
pm Belgium player LOLLLL
Zowie EC 1, best mouse EU
mouse : mx518,g400,g500
pad : qpad Large, Goliathus
keyboard : don't care
headset : g35, gamecom
keyboard: 10+ year old eMachines keyboard > *
image: 1fc1c1c2db5852e08ffc380475e2633663d4b0c5faf43c34aa37bb2adab04387
Mouse: Steelseries Ikari
Headset: Steelseries Siperia v2
Keyboard: random
pad: Steelseries QCK heavy
logitech G500
steelseries 6gv2
Audio headset
random mic
steelseries QcK
stfu noob :p
i recommend my mousepad
halt die fresse du low
mantis speed
siberia v2 or steelsound 5h
cheap keyboard
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