Lazio & Griim moviemaker

Looking for a moviemaker that would be interested in making a combined movie for
United Kingdomgriim & Serbia/Belgiumme

-We'll give u quality frags vs top teams (smg & rifle)
- everything organized
- Demos are rdy to be uploaded and could be delivered in 1 day

We expect from you
- motivation to finish the project in a normal period
- good enough quality & some kind of editing and syncing to make it entertaining
- would prefer somebody with experience or we'll send you a demo to prove yourself on a short clip

contact ?
- pm me here

after KRESTJEHZ the movie now also grimzio the movie
gl :)
subbmant movie on the way also
Testicula the movie aswell :x
give ynk a chance!
I guess requem didn't have motivation for it? :(
I want duplicate movie :S
i didnt know lazio had some quality frags against topteams :p gl griim the man
hahahaha :D
ty :D and you'll see lazio's ownage... sometimes he gets 2mans!
i think griim doesn't have quality frags, he has frags tho
30$ and im motivated
/q Kamz only £50
very demanding for nonames
I heard that guy dave had good moviemaking skills.
i can teach you dave how to make it by yourself with some awesome skins
hope you're not speaking about your fragmovie
i think he'd rather teach them how to upload demos
searealiously take seareal
Lazio and frags in the same sentence :P
gl griim!
bloopers movie?
dave :)
could ask Estonia infi but i guess he's too lazy to do it.
That and Dave is pretty gay so i dont think anybody will do it anyway...
very demanding for nonames
gl guys :P
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