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Hello crossfire!

Haven't been on this site for a very long time and not been active on the ET scene, however thats not the reason why i'm posting this thread...

For the past 2.5 years i've been running private servers for a game known as Silkroad Online, a mmorpg obviously, and been quiet successfull - it has had it's up and down moments. I'm currently running two servers, and just started on a third server, but instead of releasing the original boring PVP or PVE server, i'm gonna aim towards both parts of this server. Making the PVPing just as epic as PVEing with custom quests, npcs, locations on the maps and similar.

The only problem is that i'm lacking staff members and team members to help me on this new project, as everone is pretty occupied with exams, studies, work and so on and therefore i'm looking for people who are WILLINGLY to help with this project to bring it alive.

I'm looking for:

* PHP Coder (Need to know SQL querys for a few scripts)
* Photoshop expert (We are going to re-design the whole game interface and uis to make us stand out and different)
* Advertisement and Marketing manager

As you may understand, running a private server is pretty much as full time job, with shit pay (unless your highly successfull) but if anyone wishes to join in, help out and bring this project alive and recieve some new experiences and knowledges , please feel free to contact me on the details listed below:

Xfire: lexius2

I'm most active at my msn, so would prefer if interested people would contact me through there.

I will provide payments for servers, tools and similar.

Before any judgements, there is huge money within this mmorpg to make, and with hard work, experienced people, it could be beneficial.

ZSZC made 160 000 $ profit during 1 week at Halloween (project closed)
ECSRO made 9.5 $ m usd profit in 1.5 years (Project is closed)
SWSRO had a monthly profit of $50 000 USD / monthly (project died due to new servers

Just some facts :) so if interested, contact..

Trailer for the game and server of mine..

Much love,
Oh yeah, a note to add:

if you got skills with SQL database management, and any other coding experience, feel free to apply.
Lycka till :)
Man tackar man tackar ;)
Nice post!!!
good luck!
Cheers ;)
I wish to join in, help out and bring this project alive and recieve some new experiences and money.
Feel free to add me on msn or xfire and we will discuss furtherly.

I don't know the game nor I'm applying for project, but just out of curiosity: How do you actually make the money? What does it include? Just interested about the 'business model'.
I provide a service to players, something the main company fail to do, accepting donations -> gifts -> making money :) with quality of service and support, players trust you and they wanna help you :)
i only invest and want my profit afterwards, pm me if interested
Sounds interesting, and i am interested, however I do not want it on my consience (cant spell, and to lazy to look it up) if it goes wrong and you made a bad investment, i want to see happy faces :)

There is always risks in any business, but i do not want to cause issues.
just take his money
hes black, you shouldn't trust him
ye i know that and yes i'm black what dual said that prick (;P), that's why i need to see statistics etc, but just pm me if interested
Sent you a pm :)
How many players are there on each of your servers?
Pvp server, around 700 daily/24/7 - active members would be around 3000 , with a database of 150 000 accounts, and about ~200 000 characters

Pve server, low populated (dying at the current due to not been patching the game lately) 100 daily/24/7 (Which means, 100 players is online all time, around the clock) but seen bad reports for the night time. Players left due to database went corrupted, had to wipe everything..
700 24/7

Is the Silkroad world big?
Yes, it has about 7 large cities, the pvp server has only 2 cities opened though, for more fun.

EDIT: also lots of surrounding areas of course. Link to world map -
money money money
Money money money, its funny in a richmans world.. (8)
* PHP Coder (Need to know SQL querys for a few scripts) - YES
* Photoshop expert (We are going to re-design the whole game interface and uis to make us stand out and different) - YES
* Advertisement and Marketing manager - NOT RLY

If i have some free time in the summer i can help you with something...

contact if interested
Lycka till awir! :)
Danke sehr!
/q Hybrid at #retro.eSports !
Thanks.. damn gotta dl irc again
He aint there oO
he is online almost every day.

eventho i dunno if he got the knowledge for your project…

but i know he did some good stuff about website,toshop,..
Alright, talked to him, but he seemed busy / afk in the end as he didnt reply, well ill be back tomorrow, bed time bb :)
Trailer for the server, made by a guy who used to play here, also dont mind the spelling mistake on "Chinese" xD

Got a market manager, coders all I need is a designer now!!
good luck
Ty fintard <3 Lakkupiippu
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