doubt its him
i don't know that it's the same person but this account of tzac should be banned
not him
His tzac is: wasabi 68972.

don't need to check screenshots, that's enough
just wondering why does he have a new tzac? inb4 people thinking I think he cheats, I don't even know who he is
i dont like wasabi, prefer ketchup :|
he said wasabi busted, not wassabi. l2read
ye, i said it's wasabi, not wassabi. Wassabi is clean and his account of cb: and tzac: .
Wasabi in the topic is another person. He cheats so he should be banned soon.
Old!!! Get new
Old but still cheating.
wassabi :(
wasnt wassabi busted someday aswell? not the same guy though
cant see wh really
psiquh all the time playing with cheaters
Thx for ban him. BB cheater.
oh no, wasabi busted again :(
wassabi create team for LAN :)
pls Sebson go play pokemons
Happy to report that wasabi-busted wasn’t a lie. I do like the wasabi-busting story. It was nice to have a positive story for a change about Quora. I always knew it was a powerful community and it truly shows when quality questions like this one are asked. It reminds me of the great quote from Charlie Munger, “What we want is lots of different tests, so that we can have lots of different people coming to a lot of different conclusions.” The result from a well-executed plan can be tremendous.
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