genShi avi :(

Hi after this good Offi today, iam avi ;).

I'm looking for a 6on6 team.


- 25 years old
- Germany --> Sachsen
- med / -
- medic ( Main ), 2nd engi ( 2nd ) , other*s ( 3rd )

Clanhistory and other things can be seen in my profile.


- Germany , Europe , England
- active
- regular praccs ( 3 or 4 )
- stable and good team
- around med

Leave me a msg here or contact me @ #sachsen-et ( BNC on )

some chick :
Good luck Marco! What happened to gunplay?
gl marco <3
gl marco :d
y u no have found a team? :((( GL!
gl mate!
gl genshi!
good luck buddy
GL brother! nobrain?
are you still playing ET?
was asking nismo >:|
niSmO on 14/06/12, 12:31:42 PM | Report | Reply

Lieutenant niSmO - ready for service
every so often, not competetively
gl <3
great guy, funny person, good on comms, top reviving medic!
gl genshi <3
if you find something let me know, i might be avi twice a week :D
genshi komm mal kg ts dann reden wa drüber xD
sorry that we pwned your ass too hard, gl :) vllt bald bei uns ^^
u didnt pwn, my 200 ping rifle pwned them too hard on adler xD
gl gensher :) liebster und nettester mensch irl
gl wünsch ich dio
gl ossi
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