whenever i do avidemo ET freezes/crashes.

i installed the movie makers pack with a fresh new clean wolf ET in it, and the first few times avidemo worked fine but now ET stops working when i do avidemo.

anyone got some ideas how to fix this?

image: tumblr_m3jjy8WsHd1qkzao6o1_500
image: tumblr_m2u6ycEQEm1qa9gago1_1280
maybe it dont freeze, maybe your pc is too low so when u start recording its recording so slow so you think its freeze.
yesterday it worked fine, now it just doesnt respond anymore when i start avidemo :(
whats your pc configuration?
Windows XP
AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual
core processor 4800+
2.41 GHz, 3.00GB
thats what ''my computer'' says :p
hee hee hee beetje aardig tegen mijn pc he, kom aankomende lan dan ik probeer dan niet te ''dodgen'' net als vroeger gezellig als EEF mensen
Ik ga misschien, ligt eraan wie er allemaal gaan. Als jij gaat en nog paar chille dudez kom ik sws wel dagje langs, miss wel langer. Ik zie nog wel!
does ET completely crash when you start recording and you get smth like "ET.exe has stopped working" ?
it freezes and when i do ctrl,alt,delete it says ''ET.exe doesnt respond''
when i installed moviemakers pack, my whole pc crashed, took me 3formats to get it back working normal oO

after the reboot my pc just froze like a few sec after i loged in xD happend 3 times out of 3times i installed the software, must be virus :D

if i didnt had linux as my 2nd boot, i prolly had to buy a new pc,.....
i hope it the pack aint a virus, dont want to buy a new pc yet:p
well the same thing happend 3times ...
Whats the problem exactly?

My guess, you were testing a radar demo before with rain.

The best solution would be remove the r_nocull or set r_nocull "0" and delete etpro profile folder. Run ET (or image-et) directly to etpro.

If you still have problem come to irc by tonight or leave me a message here.
already got it back working:)
i deleted every screenshot i already made and it worked again had over 10GB screenshots from avidemo i think that was the reason it stopped working :#
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