Last Wish


I have been judged and "executed",after...ressurected.All this is a methapore of course,but after such a thrilling experience i think is time for me to step back while i m still in my glory.I m not going to lie to you:i m on an edge right now.I have to make a huge jump,and to be honest,i dont know where i will land.But i have to go.However,before i go,forever,i have a last wish that people have to fullfil,otherwise i m affraid i will be forced to hunt you all for the eternity and forever.

My last wish is this:a 6on6 match.Give me this match,and i will forever be gone out of your lifes.

Now about the match.I have some conditions.First one,i choose my team.The people i choose must play with me,and must pracc with me,no matter if they like it or not,for 2 times on week.Dont worry there is huge bonus:you have chance to say all the nasty things u have to say to me,LIVE!!

The people i choose to play with are :

Finlandmind=captain of the team
Finlandmatias=personal advicer
Belgiumsup3r=personal medic
Netherlandsphotosyntesis=personal fops
Estoniax3nja=second engi
Romaniame=noob medic,everybody s bitch in the team

The other team:i dont care who they going to be.

The match must be played 2 weeks from now,+- 1 or 2 days depending on everybody schedule.The other team name can be what ever team name u like:Fuck Unforgiven,Screw Unforgiven,Die of aids Unforgiven,etc etc etc

The match maps will be :oasis and supply

The match will be broadcasted on gtv(i guarantee a lot of viewers),and will be shoutcasted in 3 languages:english by Tosspot,french by Le Francis and german by Eujen

After this match will be played ,no matter what the score is,i will be gone.

image: 25rckm8

fuck yea, going to celebrate this
what the fuck

#dev will play against u
Need 5 mercs for 6on6 :D
praccing is overrated
you don;t have enough money to pay them for playing with you

e: it is not extrme clan makeover :D
epic :DD
This is why euthanasia is a good idea.
hahahaha xD
If you do not come to training, what do you do?
you are truly the person who unifies the community.
didnt read
avi to play with u
Is this a suicide post?
LOL fucking lmao
Geen recht van spreken /!\
image: 19842292

btw. google - "ibunforgiven" nice photos Adult Sex Member
And I bet you are not even kidding
:D best idea!
Informing sup3r as I post this.
QuoteNot a single fuck was given.
Not a single fuck was unforgiven.
If this match happens it'll enter a history as one of the kind it may be forgotten fast,or it may be trendsetter and this may encourage lotsa nerds to ask for this simillar stuff. :D

Give guy a chance if this will make him happy!

see you at ETTV ;)
this is the forum post of the year
i wouldn't want to see you leave :( it always makes me happy see you attempt to write in english, it's like seeing a special kid trying to push a square through a round hole, bless you :)
A square can be pushed through a round hole, whats the problem?
Please try this:
image: 7-300x240

Or this:
image: zyprexa
omfg. Im sorry for all the bad shit i have said to u, u really seem to be quite a sad person ;_;

I feel so bad now.
i just visited your profile. why do you have such huge amount of boredom? or are you a bit disabled? i mean, why the fuck did you spend so much time in editing your profile??
Suicide post :(
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