media players lagging (solved)

Hey guys, I lately got a weird problem

all my media players lag and stutter at playing songs/videos till the complete stop. so far I tried this with winamp, windows media player and vlc! youtube and other flash videos work :s

Today I also overclocked my cpu (fx-8120) image: coretempscrq, could that cause it? I also reinstalled amd ccc

any ideas? Thanks in advance!

edit: iTunes works

edit2: iTunes and winamp skip songs/parts

Fixed it: -> got the stock drivers (sound and chipset) from the motherboard install cd, thanks for the ideas though!
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In VLC open 'media' tab and choose Open Network Stream. In network tab check 'Show more options' and you should see 'Caching'. Put 500ms to it.

In Windows media player go Tools-> Options. Go to performance tab and under the 'Network buffering' choose Buffer and add value of 10.

This should help on streaming videos.

Disable unnecessary prgorams.
Set priority to real-time.
Decrease quality.
Also buggy graphic card drivers may cause such problems.
And yes, CPU affects on the video playback. Do you have high CPU usage while trying to play videos?

Also, what kind of files are you trying to play? .mp3? Are you possibly trying to play FLAC files?

Do you have a wireless connection?
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the drivers were the prob as mention above ^^ thanks man
Glad to help:)
HIRVI does it again!
set your cpu to stock speed and test again.
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Lagging common problem and might be due to multiple reasons, 1. high end devices use more resources in playing video and audio so it affects the performance of your device. 2. another factor is the video file you are playing and the format it is in 3. lastly the codecs you are using to play the video file. to solve lag issue you need to adjust the codecs or try other formats also change the compatibility mode of the media player to windows xp.
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