INVI Tournament #2

Hello guys, recently you probably saw a post about this tournament, and I am posting it again.

INVI Tournament is hosting season 2 of their tournament.
We are looking for minimum of 8 teams to start, if there will be more parcipants, maximum is 16.

Team Size: 5on5
Games: CoD4
Anti-Alliasing: OFF (ty :d)
Admins: Ecko, Co0kie?

Co0kie will be admin when inVisible Gaming will play (my team, I play with them).

Signup your team at:
You have to register @ forums and post at cod4 signups your signups. And read rules before you post, thanks.

im off
do a bf3 tournament cod4 sucks :DDD
I have BF3, but too low PC to run BF3, so we don't have admins. And imo. BF3 is like MW3 campers 24/7 online so no.
on public they camp only yes, but if u play some matches irc,esl or clanbase then its amazing rly :D
my pc is 2 bad to run bf3 as I've said played BF3 for like an hour at seareal
on pub ofc, and they were only camping :d
Age: 14 ( 1 January 1998 )
That proves that I'm more skilled than you.
I'm gaming since I was 8, but I'm gaming now for real since like 2 years.
im pretty sure i would beat you up in every game
image: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheaterimage: cheater
Of course you would !
cant see shit
my first tz-ac isnt banned anymore
maybe, maybe not who knows?
/!\ you are tzac busted as well, doesn't make you any better
/!\ for me in ET, problem?
not as if you wouldn't cheat in cod4 and cs + tzac is currently the most used anticheat in cod4
As i've said, my tzac acc is untouched, and not banned, I can still play with my tzac

image: Bitch-Please

e: since when im banned @ cs1.6 and cod4? i got 6month ban at ET..
How did the first one actually turn out?
That's a bit vague don't you think xD

Link to tournament brackets and stuff?
hm k

that was ET tho this is cod4, not really related I guess :p
GL! :)
it was COD4 ;o wtf :d

e: ty, NBS should signup :d!
cod4? saw nbs minimal there didnt know they played cod4 as well lol

dont really care for these tournaments myself tbh and I am not signing up my entire clan for such a thing lol

looks a bit like pubclanonly-tournament..
This is such a great help! I've been struggling for days already, soo glad i found this site! thanks for sharing! mold testing san antonio
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