FTN Recruting

Hi Crossfire,

Fuck the Name(Me and Clarkee) are in need of 1-2 players.

We will be participating in CB summer cup and one day cups as we are pretty active.

What we expect from you:
  • Med+ skill
  • Speak English
  • Active
  • No whiner
  • is on xfire or irc
  • online in the evenings

What you can expect from us:
  • Nice Guys
  • Active
  • No Whine
  • Stable

/q `rAmbo or rAmbo`off @ Quakenet #F.T.N or pm me here.
Where is Hyrtti?
left us to play with squall and pittysku *_*
Gl l (=
gl rAmbo <3
thanks man <3
gL rAmbo :)
GL rAmbo ;o *Nice Guys*
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