Adroits ET LAN - Need Players

FranceMe and SwedenWeslann gonna make a team for Adroits and we are both 100% going

We can offer:

>> Teamspeak server
>> Nice guys
>> Tactics
>> Funny but serious when needed
>> good aiming medics

U should be:

<< Around med/+
<< No whiners
<< FUnny guys
<< 100% going
avi with keith
gl and cya lan! now i need to make a journal too :(
Awesome players improving every day, a good laugh too with great aims. Can compete at Med+. Cu Lan x
:D u always so funny
dont overreact XD
Nice guys to have in a team!

Better prepare your anusses when you see wes at lan!

GL boys!
gl now we know who will take a 1st place at lan :D
gl guys!
GL YOU LEGENDS <3333333 :*
Mais pourquoi pas mouss :D
gl mirageji
gl eujen :p
gl bros, weslann what happened to your allready excisting team ?
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