Crossfire 4 Bugs & Feature Requests!

Hi Guys, please post your findings whilst going through Crossfire 4 in here! We want to keep everything organised so admins may quite heavily edit your content/heavily moderate it! Please give us as much as you can and we'll do what we can with it :)
Please note that the current site search that you're today is NOT permanent, its temporary whilst SOLR indexes.
why i cannot open the page with my mobile? using androoid? had to install another browser just to come on cf :'/
What a terrible, terrible font.
idd, the <3 is not a <3 anymore! :<
Font's awful indeed, I'd like a request for a CF2/CF3 skin or something of similar layout. The top navbar or even white background/page can stay but the layout in itself is rather... annoying.
Please understand that requests for CF2/3 Skins are not going to be considered.

On a different note, Recent forum entries/topics on the right side panel displays "inaccessible" threads, for us normal users, most probably taken out of restricted forum sections (ie Admin/Staff section), may want to hide them.
On that note, Edit doesn't work either.

Recent forum thread/posts on the right side panel display for us normal users "inaccessible" threads, probably being Staff/Admin section entries, may want to hide those.
Feature request:

Allow us to see what has been posted in a deleted journal if someone had replied to you.

Option for old skin/layout

The video/album and recent/event/poll moving all the time is fucking annoying, should have the option to 'hide' things you don't want on the right hand side for example events or tutorials.

Oh, and round images... :(


I think the Group section in the profiles are a bit too big or something is up with the images with those, would be nice to 'hide' these features on your account like I mentioned above to have more control over what you view.

Personal opinion but I also think the playstation (?) controllers for the ET flags, hmmm why?
Both Access Groups and Crossfire 4 Front Page Guidelines threads give me:
You are not allowed in this forum.
Time for a userscript!
I'll try to come up with something in the near future.
i get the same
Couldn't tell you too much, am only getting 502 Bad Gateway everywhere :D
Would be great to be able to use bbcode as the thing to be clicked in [ hide ] tags (like a fair number of people used to do to have pretty profile pages). e.g., so a "[ hide = ' [ img tag here ]']hidden stuff[ / hide] would work, or replace the [ img ] with bold tags, etc.

Yes, I understand you've changed the BBCode implementation, but it would be nice to have back. :-)


It would also be nice if the Recent/Events/Polls and Videos/Albums on the right-hand column didn't auto-rotate. Particularly the latter, it changes the page length when it does. Which is a bit annoying, to see my scroll bar jumping around.
Bug? returns as "No such Albums item: '1'." or just nothing in there at all? It's showing as 23 though.

I feel the lines/colour between each journal etc aren't defined enough though, or is it supposed to be that subtle?
Fix the [twitter][/twitter] tags or add an alternative please.

And fix my forum permissions :D
22:03 ETNiES • ha when I click on the "-" on my friends list on my profile it asks am I sure I want to delete Xo
22:04 @krosan • ye, delete him
22:04 @krosan • useless chap anyways
22:05 ETNiES • agree, he's too crazy
22:05 @krosan • on a more serious note:
22:05 @krosan •
22:05 @krosan • ;)

Also the profile picture resizing is silly, the small circular profile picture is wider than the one on the profile itself.. meaning I can see myself in the small picture better than in the large.
posting logs, ban.
23:35:59 <Peeter> krosan:
23:36:15 <Peeter> You could use a different color to indicate select state
23:36:29 <Peeter> videos/albums is a good example
23:36:39 <Peeter> took me like 5 clicks to figure out the white actually means the button is selected -> You cannot define a correlation name 'cta' more than once
outbox is fucked up
You might want to sticky this.

Not that this matters but... the migration from CF3 buddy list didn't completely work as some people who were friends on my list are now followers/follower ( the crap those things mean anyway?).
- what is this searchfunction, I want to tick categories and you promised search in PM's back (sort by nick would be useful enough already)!
- nellie said there will be a direct funtrivia-link, can't see that
- whole comments look really ugly, also keep this like in cf3+fitting colours, writing-area is ok
- sort buddies by online
- profile is veryvery ugly, make the old textbox+achievements work; order them properly, fix the tags, delete those ugly pocalz and wtf@groups/clans?
- where did the columns go?
- can't see which game the movie is about, popular movies don't quite work I think
- why no gtv-feed?
- show last login, date of registration, age
(- flag next to the nick at comments could be slightly lowered)
- clicking smth while not having sent the pm/posted the comment/journal/whatever won't save the text anymore when you click 'back'!? :s

the "Home index contents search glossary..." bar never goes away, by never, i mean i can see it on and even on youtube
  • every link posted on crossfire opens in active window; I prefer external links like on CF3
  • what's the point of following someone? Answer (doesn't seem to work yet?!)
  • please bring back the possibility to see the online status on someone's profile
  • furthermore please bring back the possibility to see who of your buddies is online
  • comment area looks like a big white wall, kinda hard to see who replied to who - maybe add some slight color to every 2nd post or something like that?!
  • this button looks kinda ugly and doesn't match to the style of the page
  • top button missing
  • please don't display the profile name in upper cases... cmon MENS0... wtf... it's like raping my eyes and destroyment of world cultural heritage, same about messages (by MENS0 • 16 Jul 2012, 01:23)
  • I'd like to see, whether someone read my message already, like in CF3
  • notifications are made for men only; like "his" for a female etc
  • the main area looks kinda narrow withouth the left sidebar, can't you broaden it a bit?!
  • I'd prefer to see always the time and date above someone's post instead of "less than 1 hour ago"
  • the group overview is fucked up, some groups have a picture next to it, some others just the Alt-text, also would look better if the Groupname would be vertical aligned. Group section is a way too big anyway.
  • ah btw, cf4 added 3 extra days of cf-membership
  • autocompletion doesn't work for users with 3 letters
  • is it possible to add the nice preview feature for pms?
  • journals disappear, if you untick flags
  • Stickies aren't on the top of the Journals/Threads list on the right side
  • No idea whether it's provisorily, but I don't like the 'this took 105.47 ms' bar on the bottom.
  • What's the point of the Accept/Decline-Buttons on the Terms of Service page? They don't disappear, even if I accepted the terms. When I browse crossfire as a guest, they have no effect, but reloading the page. You have to know... I'm addicted to pressing buttons. When there is something to press... I have to do it... again and again and again. Please free me from this agony!
  • 'I would like for Recent to show recent comments, not recent journals/threads.'
  • I liked the possibility to name the person I quoted, like [quote=BLABALBLABLA][/quote], it doesn't work anymore?!

After 2 days... I'm getting used to CF 4.0 more and more. Some features are really... wow. It must have been a shitload of work. I experienced many layout changes on different websites. There were always huge problems with transfering the content from the old to the new system/layout/whatever. It worked out here with no serious issue, remarkable.

Apart from bugfixing and some missing features, the layout just needs some changes imo:

- add more colors to the header; some banner or whatever
- add navigation bar on the left - put the serious stuff in there such as news, tutorials, events, etc
- right bar for 'spam related' content; extend the journal and thread list
- add some colors to the main area
= best CF there ever was; including typical CF-feeling imo
+fucking 1458514854599!!!!!!!
the button looking ugly was a small code merge mistake but I fixed it! ( noticed it as well.. )
It's new, but I like it. I hope the speed gets faster as the switch is all done.

Couple of points:

- Friend system is a bit messed up right now. Seems like I am a fan of people without knowing what I did lol.
- Profile, different mark-up tags in profile or? These should go back to the old ones to make sure all profiles are the same as before
- This could be just me, but I need to stay pressing the show desktop button and then press on my browser for it to go to full screen. Pretty weird! I can't change from one application, to the browser when CF is loaded.
- With regards to the reply system, I really liked the old reply system where there was that slight different shade for replies you haven't read yet. For me, atm, it just seems like a whole of text, usernames should be bolded, font changed, and different background shades should be used for the replies.

Just my 2cents :)

Also, can we have a 'thumbs up & down' system on replies!
i would much prefer the website to remain as far as possible from the "+1/-1" system. it's going to get abused beyond recognition :(
Or use what we have on my local site where you have for example 5 negative votes to use per day and a lot more positive :))
This would be cool!
i noticed the profile shows "Lives in Estonia Estonia" but if a person uses a custom flag, it just looks silly. not a big thing but to make this more professional, you might want to fix that.

(not sure if someone already posted this as i didn't really read much)

also can i suggest that someone(i might give this a shot myself actually) makes new flag images cause they look silly as shit.

image: ytKfu-Makefriends_48

i can not relate being claness, to this image, at all!
Another: Pin/bold/otherwise indicate stickied news/forum threads to the top of their respective sections in the right-hand bar.

e: I don't like the look of the carousel on the main page, flipping between different images. Something more like the /news page would be nicer as a homepage (imo), perhaps with the three article boxes on top (i.e. just cut out the carousel).

e2: Movie section:
  1. Some ability to sort by game
  2. More clearly identify the download links, took me ages to realize what the two "Other" buttons actually meant (perhaps a small download icon, or a more descriptive name)
    image: 20120715200347
image: 1342400713-TK15
Last page of news is empty ... guess you add 1 too many? :)
Making it clearer that these two buttons are edit functions (on the profile page), would be handy. Was very confused as to how to edit my profile until somebody pointed it out.

Or perhaps make the gear button a drop down menu, with the two options ("Profile"/"Account") listed there.

image: 20120715211356
image: 20120715211915

Grammar is wrong, should be something like "You offered to become Player_Name's buddy." or "You sent a buddy request to Player_Name".
img=center and urlnew (both used from the buttons), both don't work. The image just aligns to the left, but the urlnew isn't even recognized as bbcode.

Flags on the profile page are a bit in-your-face, would be handy to have them in some place that isn't right at the top. They start to take up some serious page-space once you have a few. I'd rather see the achievements section back at the top.
image: S46Bi

and I can't put my notifications as read. I check them all, click Mark as read, but I still have 2 notifications on the right near my name.
already posted this on the main news, didn't notice this page, but here it is (some bugs I found + rant about brightness)
image: NeF7R
image: Hw0ET
We can't see sticky news/forums above other ones anymore? (for example 2 forum topics about CGS LAN are/were sticky, but cannot see them anymore)
image: esjl7r

Hm? When I click my notifications (recent from Tosspot's journal) I can view it, but still only these 2 journals appear.

The columns on either side seem a bit excessive :( Can't there be an option to drag them out? I thought it was like that on CF 3.2 or was it just comment box maybe?
something like what you can do on skype :D
Also, if I keep all my tags enabled I can see every journal. If I even remove 1 of them all the journals get removed again minus the 2 in the above screenshot ;_;
Make this sticky!


Make a banner on the top of the site. box?

Something to the left side of the site maybe :P?
(Make it like in older versions where news/tournaments were on the right side, you can see all news,journals, threads, tournaments in one sight without site scrolling.

Can't access some forum posts etc.

Groups are still fucked. (Also the text inside of groups is not right, bbcodes not working in groups for example hide tag)

Achievements and PC specs are together without any sort of space. (Not sure if intented)

Go to journal -> box "Kevin got xray vision" appears -> click it -> 0 results WARE found. (wtf is this shit anyways lol, an easteregg?)

Sup with the flags? I mean these flags you have to achieve, too easy to earn and there is too few of them. If you want to create these kind of 'achievement' flags (not all are!) make more of them and make them more hard to achieve.

Love the activity tab!

Without avatars it is hard to spot the posters name, maybe make it bold or in a different colour? (Also make it so that if you click the avatar if will take you to the profile page of the avatar owner)
too much white all over the place, bring in some grey background color or something
+1, really white, maybe it was meant to be like this but I don't like this that much, more colours!
It's just you can't really differ the important content in the middle (e.g. comments, news, longer conversations) from the right and left side. I like white but the readability suffers from this

definitely way too bright
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When I try to access my private messages.
Array ( [user] => Array ( [id] => 5676 [screenName] => EenBelgInDublin [avatar] => [signal] => 0 ) ) Array ( [user] => Array ( [id] => 5676 [screenName] => EenBelgInDublin [avatar] => [signal] => 0 ) [test] => 1 [redirectProtect] => /user/account/id/5676 ) Array ( [user] => Array ( [id] => 5676 [screenName] => EenBelgInDublin [avatar] => [signal] => 0 ) [test] => 1 [redirectProtect] => /user/account/id/5676 [access] => Array ( [levels] => Array ( [groups.create] => 1 [news.create] => 1 [journals.create] => 1 [articles.create] => 1 [threads.create] => 1 [albums.create] => 1 [comments.create] => 1 [events.create] => 1 [videos.create] => 1 [] => 1 [tutorials.create] => 1 [content.tags.user] => 1 [privmsg.create] => 1 [polls.create] => 1 ) [init] => 1 ) ) session test

When trying to access general settings.
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When trying to access general settings.
follow: the one u follow ull see when they make journals etc.

its not working. you dont get a msg when the one u follow is doing a journal. tested this. failed.
1. when people reply to my comments i dont see any notification, when i open my inbox i see this:
image: capture

2. i think this thingie is kinda useless
image: capture
or add it somewhere else in smaller scale

3. add latest comments in user profiles
4. i see this thingie under every user/journal etc..
image: capture
5. profile picture is very blurry
6. page is very slow for me, giving lots of errors
7. add also private option?
image: Untitled
8. add achievements somewhere else? like top of the profile or sth
9. delete this fan of/follower or sth stuff cuz its useless and can fuck someones profile up :p
Why would you want a private option? just don't add your name... lol
image: swft3t

My sidebar is doing this inside journals atm too
Login with username + password. (email sux)
Similar shade effect on the left side of the website as it is on the right side.

As for the layout; Font + Button size seems off. Looks a little better with 110% zoom. (screen @ 1920 x 1200)
I think I'm gonna have a suck!
Looks promising so far, guess it just needs some getting used to. Two suggestions:

1) Have a look at the Splashdamage forums for some hints on how to get the colours less extreme bright and white. They had very similar issues with not enough contrast and managed to fix it quite nicely. Their colourscheme is basically the same as on cf as well (white, grey, black, orange...)


2) Would be nice to get a link directly to the reply with the notification on it.
Just realized it already does that with the journal link. Nvm.
Would be great to the "Last seen" (last login/visit to the site) section on profiles back, perhaps as well as the actual registration date for the account.
I would like for Recent to show recent comments, not recent journals/threads.
And bring back Last seen on profiles.
I think the profile needs it own page for the buddies. the information page looks way too messy. especially what I wrote elsewhere here already once you add your buddies to the follow list and they follow you back you will have 3 endless lists making a 5km long profile... instead I would put "groups" below the userpicture.

yeah and as a few people said, get the journals more seperated from the comments and make it more visible where a comment starts and ends. right now it looks like a big mess of pictures and texts. I think something about the avatars should be changed aswell, cause at times its hard to tell if its an avatar or a picture someone posted in his comment.
+1 for the buddy list. Or make it 'hidden' so it can drop down or something with a click if people wanted to see your buddies :))
yeah thats maybe even better than an extra page for it!

Still would like to be able to do this to how I see CF4 or at least improve a little x)
Panda Viewing the online

Wut? :D
i cannot login in via my smartphone since yesterday? says site is not avi?! why is this ???!

Had the same problem with default android browser, had to switch to Dolphin :P
By trying to delete a personal message it gives you a notification "The selected 20 messages have been marked as read." - something wrong there!

and the welcome to et crossfire rotator thingy got a wrong link - leading to - should be -speedy and +www instead ;)

and if i stop following somebody it gives me a message "you are no longer a fan of userxyz" but it should be "you have stopped following useryxz"
What really would be useful is a feature that completely hides any content a person submits after you ignore them. And i mean completely that you don't even notice the person registered on this website, not some silly hide crap 3.2 had.
You got rid of the white space on left then? cant tell if this shit pc im using
Change your default theme to mine :pppp
give us the ability to upload cfgs! :D
Not sure where the option is to change nicknames... and you can only see recent journals you have made, not ones from ages ago :) + add some themes!
I would like to see some of the nerdy features that were on cf 3.0 before the crash some time last year.

- browsing through unread comments with j / k
- showing the parent post when hovering over the parent link in replies
- somehow coloured posts to show which ones are read / unread in journals
- not sure if it was implemented before but: live preview when typing comments / replies (similar to the reddit enhancement suite)
Delete buttons in inbox on top rather than at the bottom (or both)
Are there RSS feeds available like in the 3.2 version? The old RSS feeds don't work anymore.

Also it seems that the activity tab under profile is broken if your most recent activity is a comment on a forum thread (was working just fine before) and I get the following error:
QuoteNotice: Undefined variable: forumId in /home/crossfire/crossfire/application/controllers/UserController.php on line 1129 Fatal error: Call to a member function checkPermission() on a non-object in /home/crossfire/crossfire/application/controllers/UserController.php on line 1130
You can't delete inbox messages, it just marks them as read every time.
Make button for "Mark as unread" for both messages and notifications.
Make button for "Delete" for both messages and notifications.
Make button "Clear all notifications"

Currently the difference between read and unread messages and notifications could be clearer.
I have 1 unread and 1 read message in my mailbox. Howering over the email-icon (next to "settings icon at top right) says I have 0 unread messages.

The switching "Recent/Events/Polls" is really annoying if I'm trying to read something from the contect area. Make it so I can pause it (with a cookie so it will be paused every time) or that the automatic switching is disabled outside front page. (You should *never* have anything moving on a webpage when there is content to be read)
when I post a picture on someones wall the preview is gonna work, but then it just shows the bb code when I posted.
Needs a "back to the top" button. I get half way down a thread, and get bored, so a floating button would be nice.
clicked on "albums" got this:

image: k9MtX
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, LLI flag is gone!!!!!111
I would like too see the option PSU in the hardware list.
I dont know if it hasn't been listed already, but:

Quoteimage: 1zfnak2

Should it be like that? I mean eachmark doubled
My profile says I have been registered for 6 years, 12 months and 3 days. Now I am not an expert, but technically that would make it 7 years.
i am an expert on that, you are right.
if u only know the ID of a movie or so u get sth like that:
Action "953" does not exist and was not trapped in __call()

but if u change the url to:

it'll load

make it posible without the "Name" of the movie xD
i dont know if its already asked but:

i would like to see a difference about new message (font text in another color like @ cf3 ) in a journal/news that i already see once
1) When you reply to long posts, clicking reply should move the view to the reply box. For example reply to this post of goku (, you don't see that the reply box opens as seemingly nothing happens.

2) When text is highlighted in the reply box, clicking the URL icon should make the highlighted text a clickable URL to a given link (standard WBB forum behaviour). At the moment it simply puts [url] tags around the highlighted text which does not make any sense.
Would be great to have a /updates page (like GTV does), so we can see the various updates to the site in a changelog kind of view.
i get like no new content at all.

my newest mainnews is welcome to crossfire 4 by tosspot @ 15. juli.
my newest other news is esl we need you by foamea @ 11. juli.
if i click journals, i get displayed a total of 9 journals. from juli 15th till today.

i get the notification if someone in my bodylist creates a new journal or news or anything and i can see it by clicking the link in the notification, but i cannot find it if i simply check the section. it just does not get updated.

i played arround with my tags/filters a little, but it doesnt change. new content, aside from a few journals does simply not get displayed for me, making the page extremely boring.

my journalsection:
image: c5sc89j790cyft6l0

my filters have everything tagged besides brink and warsow.

ok its the bugged filters, everything tagged and i can see all the content. thx h3ll :)
Encountered following problems

Quoteimage: bugalbum

Quoteimage: bugbugpage
The link redirects to speedy.* which is dead; should be linking to

Quoteimage: bugpoll
Can't preview a poll

Quoteimage: crossfire
Goes over the buddylist

Quoteimage: crossfire2
Clicked on the #DayZ.ET link already and yet it doesn't dissapear

Quoteimage: bugalbum2
Shows a different value than the number of pictures in the album (20)

Quoteimage: crossfire
Is cutting the best LAN ever out

I will update this post when I find more bugs
is the caching really working properly? No idea what your system is based on, but at least logged out (i.e. without user-specific requests) the site is and continues to be horribly slow. you might really check on the number of misses.
The activity tab doesnt work. (Chrome)
sometimes you cant access news/journals/forums for some hours, it seems they disappear completely for some time, to be back on later again.
I fixed that with my userscript. The admins could fix this easily by putting one line on the css of the site:
Quote* { word-wrap: break-word !important; }
Last comments... in the main page
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