Black borders in game and on desktop


I'd like to get rid of that vertical right black border on my screen. I searched on the internet how to do that but seems like I can't.

I'm using a NVIDIA card. I do have a 4:3 screen and using @desktop and @ET a 4:3 resolution

When I choose, as said in the internet, "Full-screen" in "Adjust Desktop size and position" and "perform scaling on : GPU" + check "Override the scaling mode set by games and programs, I can't go higher than 85hz because I had to personnalize it to get 120hz (otherwise NVIDIA is not showing any higher values) BUT THERE IS THE PROBLEM, when I check all I just said, my resolution come back to 85hz and when I launch the game, I still have the black borders because I don't have the same hz in ET and desktop.

So the question is: How can I do not to have those black borders @desktop while using 120hz OR how can I do not to have black borders in game, simply?!


P.S : for those who haven't understanding yet, I CAN'T PUT THE DESKTOP AND GAME WITHOUT THE BLACK BORDERS @120HZ cause NVIDIA takes the higher hertz (85hz) in the known resolutions and to get 120hz I had to personnalize it.
Tried r_mode -1, r_customheight *your height*, r_customwidth *your width*?
Couldn't really understand everything from your post, so excuse me if you stated you've already tried that..
Already did try it. I understand it might be a little bit confused for you!
try performing scale on display instead of gpu
I did try that earlier and the only thing changing is : GPU= ugly , DISPLAY = "normal desktop"
You set that shit on your monitor dude.
I had the same and it got fixed when i tried to change "perform scaling on" in nvidia control panel.
yes but the frequency you are using is shown in the known resolutions and I had to personnalize it to get 120hz.

when I do the same like you, It put me at the default hertz for the resolution.

Another option is to force NVIDIA to show 120hertz in the known resolutions but I don't know how to do it.
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Ask FinlandThomm on IRC or by PM
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Perform scaling on "display". Does it work?
use powerstrip ;()
If you want to get rid of the black borders in game, use windowed mode, not full screen. The borders are actually the black bars that are on the sides of an actual full screen window. If you want to get rid of the black bars on your desktop, you can change your monitors aspect ratio to make it wider rather than taller. Or you can just change your desktop picture to black.
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