TSN WarWitch Shoutcasts of 2002

WarWitch and I has released all of the ShoutCasts made by WarWitch in 2002 and more will come! However require your input for this. We need a little webpage with webspace to share it with you guys. To archive it... zie Axis archives!

It's just a little THANK YOU to the community.
Wow! Is there actually many people left from those times in CF?
i was in CF for a hot minute with aimology
nice job

really miss those ww times <3
Hi insomnia, welcomeback I hope all is going fine now with your famyly :)

I have a FTP, PM me

and come irc #rtcw.wars
if you are continue the rtcw 10 years cup

WarWitch awesome shoutcaster <3

Awesome! Can't wait to hear the voice of WarWitch again. :)
Sick stuff, I hope someone will be able to host.
v1rkeS thanks, life goes on doesn't it? :-) Anyway I will poke you !

Yes, hearing WarWitch again makes you tingle a bit! Especially since the archives include the QuakeCon Qualifiers :-)

Kalli: Some of Justice, but only in conjunction with WarWitch.
there isn't any yet, i'm looking for that ;-)
Amazing. Been watching a lot of old RTCW movies and getting in a bad mood because, in all honesty, ET is shit in comparison.

Nothing quite the same as RTCW, can't think of another game that has been anywhere near as good since. Back in 2001-2003 when I was just a nipper I used to spend every waking minute I wasn't at school on that game.

Do the shoutcasts have demos to accompany them? Will have to start doing some digging around if not!
nope, no demo. Just the cast from herr WarWitch himself.
QuakeCon recovered
Casts of OpenCup and EuroCups arrive! (2002/2003!)
edit: i can give you some webspace if you like!
would love to, but is there a possiblity for a long term?
its been up for a while (1,5y now already), and its hosted by beAsty who's also here on cf, you can pm him and ask him for some aswell. i'm sure he'll give you enough space & the guarantee it will stay up for a long time,
where are these hosted at? i cant find!
nail: had some iM's just no replies yet.
Jawohl! those were the days!
Here is some CrossFire 1.0 action.

I heard warwitch is shoutcasting the tournament. I think Team Darkside is coming back for this

Aimology, Leethal, Valdez, Shogun, MailMan and a name TBA
Webspace still needed? :O)
you also recevied them? you got anything of qcon? i only got 3 (boh vs ocr, ck vs in, in vs dr) :(
i only recivied from warwitch's shoutcasts
i guess you got all the same shoutcasts as me then :( im looking for more qcon 2002 shoutcasts
Awsome times, played with dC (drowned cows) in that fight vs ACF...listening to that shoutcast really brings back alot of memories :)
Anyone have a working link?
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Pao
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