naga. avi for Adroits

I need to know who you are and you can't be absolutely rubbish!
gl ziom 8)
Adroits, gl naga :* too bad we lost that adler :s
GL "head almost in monitor"
u'll get sued from a company pretty soon ^^

another lan? dayum

gl nevertheless
what happened to wow at cgs? they just seemed to disappear from the gtv coverage.
Happens when you lose? :P
groupgames were cancelled and I think they got knocked out in LB rouns 2 / 3 or something. :p so only like 2-3 games would possibly be on gtv.
yeah, just got me wondering cos the last game that had gtv coverage ended 4-0 for them.

tbh quite sucky coverage, couldn't even find brackets anywhere
you just gotta know where to look! :]

coverage was OKAY though I don't think they expected to run into the ETTV problems.. kot and the more experienced PL guys mentioned that previous PL LANs had much worse coverage for the EU scene and definitely more delays. some didn't have ETTV at all!
yeah that div vs wow wasnt on ettv, no wonder.

well anyhow, I checked a couple of news posts and couldn't find a link to the brackets at first glance, wasn't into following the tournament that much, just wanted to know how the old dogs did there.
individually saw some nice play from the oldies, they still can compete but it clearly comes down to their activity and well.. both teams came back from a rather large break. :D
Powodzenia ziom :) Mam nadzieje, że aspiryna pomogła, nie zdążyłem już zapytać ;) ! You're more than welcome bro! ;)
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