Crossfire Fantasy Football

Hello there Crossfire User,

Another premier league season is among us, which means another fantasy league!
League Code: 265636-124428

Please join up!

Post your teams! :)

Admin: Please sticky this :)

That team is really Gea

my team (changes may still be done before start of PL season tho..:)

image: 7696699530_1b0b98511f_b
Can you post a smaller picture?
haha, actually the first pic i posted was a tiny thumb:) the second one was also to small indeed.

Now its better:)
Why have u got Richards and zabaleta? 2 right backs from the same team :D
very good question sir! I was probably a bit quick on the trigger there:)

kicked out zabaleta, took in phil jones instead.
How am I able to change the formation?

E: nvm
image: 4dQUN
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