laptop Li ion battery halp

So i bought laptop few days ago and im quite new to laptop thingy and im confused about my laptop battery. I did the overnight discharge-charge thing, so i read that i should also let battery so low that it would hibernate itself and charge full again 3 times to get best of the battery.But now it feels like it is still discharging too fast , like if im listening to music on youtube , downloading stuff and just chilling around it discharged in 2 hours , playing call of duty :black ops like 45minutes or faster. so i wonder if it is like that or battery goes stronger after time ?
Ty for help

My laptop: Dell Inspiron n7110 , best laptop for price i paid imo.
Try to do NOT use your battery. We all know battery are shit :(
The battery will eventually gain a bit of capacity through a few cycles but don't expect wonders.

The N7110 uses a 17" HD display, i5 cpu and a dedicated graphicscard. That's not quite an energy sparing setup. Monitor brightness is most likely the main battery drainer, just like on mobile phones. So if you turn it down a few notches, you should enjoy some longer lifetime.
Other than that don't expect it to last longer than an hour while gaming or 2-3 hours doing office work. You bought a multimedia desktop replacement, not an ultra mobile notebook. It's either performance or battery life, well OR twice or three times the price you paid 8]

If you honestly use it that often without the power supply, think about buying a 2nd battery, eventhough I don't see how you could possibly use a 17" laptop as some sort of mobile device.
Okay , thanks , well i think i wont use it much out of home , maby when im going to school in spring , and i guess there is a plug then so battery life wont be a problem.I bought it to play new games , lan with friends and if necessary to do some school stuff.
A tip: At home you don't need the battery.
I would contact Dell since your battery time is too low.
Letting batteries to get fully drained was recommended in old days, but that doesnt apply for newer "modern" batteries. Ideally, by not letting battery to get under 30%, you are prolonging its life. That being said, this is the theory for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and I am not sure how much laptop batteries are different from those ones (I would say apart from capacity, not much but I can be wrong).

btw, looking at the specs of your laptop, I don't think you are supposed to get more than 3 hours of easy office work out of it, or maybe an hour while playing games. However, eventhought Dell laptops have excellent build quality, there are many other laptops that would your laptops ass in games, speaking of sheer computing power, Dell 17R is mediocore at best, I would even say under average in GPU department.
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