New to cod

HI GUYS , i need some help with getting started i'm an ET player but i wan't to play some cod wars see how that goes but i need to get started somewhere some1 help?
what cod? cod4?
yeah you can visit its like crossfire but mainly for cod4, there you can search for teams or see teams recuruiting. Also you can go to #cod4.wars @ quakenet and search for wars / other info all formats.
cod2? cod4? some mw shits?
wich cod is best to play?
CoD2 is the best (imo), but I am quite unsure if there is activity there.
cod4 > cod2?
cod2 is better imo, but cod4 is way more active
just watch streams and learn the maps and realize you must camp more instead of pushing
Honestly, the best thing you can do is keep a eye on tek9, getting mixes just go into channels like CoD4.wars on IRC and just merc about if you really fancy it. People like Phantasy - & Choobie - on youtube give tutorials on most things youll ever need so check them out OR watch some of the VoDs on QuadV/Kaostv and see what you can pick up. Generally i advertise all of my streams on my twitter so if you ever wanna watch them live just make sure you follow.
Good Girl Lauren :)
ok thx guys x)
This is such a great help! I've been struggling for days already, soo glad i found this site! thanks for sharing! mold count richmond va
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