Minimizer + Mouse-sidebutton replacement

I've programmed a little tool for myself, because i didn't want to have two processes for minimizer and autohotkey (to replace my mouse side buttons to get them work with RTCW). Maybe some of you want to test it or use it.

programmed by Raul

Minimizer + keyreplacement for mouse side buttons, especially for RTCW. Mouse side buttons are getting replaced by a keyboard key. Mouse button hook can be disabled by clicking on the tray icon. Minimizer can't be disabled.
I suggest u use it only together with rinput, otherwise mouse input lag will occur from time to time. Program runs on last available core to reduce interference with RTCW.

Usage: R-Minimizer.exe <minimize> <xbutton1> <xbutton2>

Insert VK-Keycodes in <minimize>, <xbutton1> and <xbutton2> (see for codes and calculate decimal numbers from the keycodes. E.g. 'X' = 0x58 => insert 88)

If you experience any problems contact me on, username 'Raulo'.
Hey, it's very kind of you man
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