avi for rtcw team (cup)

- avi normally mon-fri + sunday (evening)
- playing rtcw active since may 2005
- can speak english / dutch / german
- ex clans: indomitus, #1, flowerpower, ezbash
- a lot of competitive experience
- good trickjumper
- can play any class (except panzer)
- achievements: top 3 rtcw cup 4, 2nd ezbhcup6, been awarded with players that suprised during rtcw-cup 2 i believe ... (rest see profile)

- decent team with experienced competitive RTCW players
- in for a laugh always but serious ingame
- aiming for top 3 place

reply here
pm me
q me at #rtcw.wars (thought i'm not there for a few weeks cause of re-exams)

song for you , and gl :)
Possibly one of the best objective players you can get!
Few people will be able to catch homie once he starts to run!

Good luck man, hope you'll get an amazing team :)!
- can speak english / dutch / german
image: tumblr_m9t2lzAh3h1rzz3r3o1_250
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Pao
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