Need an RTCW team

Hello! My name's DtSje and I'm looking for a team for the forthcoming RTCW cup.

A little bit about me:
From the UK.
24 years old.
Ex-clans include, CfH, aZe, fanatics and extrem.
Prefer to play medic.
Available any evenings needed apart from Friday and Saturday.
Started playing RTCW all the way back in 2001.

A little bit about you:
Preferaly adults.
Not completely new to the game.

If you want to get hold of me the best way is probably to send me a PM here.

Cheers for reading!
me to take us both ^^
Tjrs aussi bon en anglais Goldo :D
I'm avi too :)
Do clans still play RTCW?
WOW. Blast from the past much!?!?!

Next antz or b1ggy will be requesting a team!
Antz my son ? Could be as he used to play for UDS as well along with reznap :)
Of course Baz, who else? ;)
As far as I remember there used to be 2 of them or could be mistaken with antman or some thing mate :) Loooong time ago and my memory isnt what it used to be lol
arent there only 30-50 people playing max?
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Pao
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