The most played Call of Duty nowadays???

Which is the most played Call of Duty nowadays?

What are the main differences between the Call of Duty parts (gameplay based)?

Is it beneficial to begin with a certain part?

Maybe someone can recommend other games as well.

I think it's time to leave ET in the near future.
cod isn't exactly the right way forward d: go for CS:GO or something
I've also been thinking about.
But I do not like the gameplay because no spawn times etc.
The game has not really been established. Not want it to end like with Brink.

but thx
cod competition is played on search and destroy which doesnt have spawntimes either
I prefer CoD over CS:GO any day. Probably because I'm decent and CoD and I have no friggin clue what Im doing when Im playing CS:GO :D
CoD4 on the PC.

I have no idea

Yes, CoD4.


brink is the future
if you take care about, it will be

Edit: anim
Cod 4 probably and then COD:MW3
mw3 on ps3, like 800,000 people online yeh baby
I do not like ego shooter on console.
xD console is better
I do not like ego shooter on console.
dont act up to your steriotype, german
no it aint, its shit :D fun tho, but shit :D
lol nerd!
go learn ;D
taking a pause of 15 minutes! :D
if everybody thinks this way than for sure
competitively? none.
tek9 have just annouced that they will withdraw from cod4 esports.
all the more recent releases are pub srub bullshit.
if you want that then buy the newest one ofc (will come out next month, like every year) or play battlefield 3 which actually is an amazing pub experience (in no way competitve either).

if you can deal with very limited gameplay but you need it to be competitive then you should try cs:go.
its rather cheap and will always be active (its a CS after all) but has even less gameplay than cod does (no ironsights, and no proper movement).
so you're saying that there are no good competative shooters left?
He's right honestly, MOBAS and RTS (SC2) have completely taken over. CS:GO is decent but it's nothing special, there are minor improvements but that's it. People haven't quite made the switch yet from CS 1.6 and CS:S so it's still a segregated community. Most FPS games that come out now are terrible in terms of competitive play imo, looking back at it ET:QW was amazing in comparison.
For fuck sake, I dont enjoy games like SC2 :( So Im either stuck to playing non-active games or stop gaming :o]
think the esports withdrew from cod4 first
ye sure. they didnt do it just cause of the lulz but this can be seen as "its now official".
sorry to say but u wont find a better game than ET
try QL ;)
after lan > cs:go only > rip ET
cod is for nubs who cunt aim
Well there's no real decent FPS games being made for PC anymore (Maybe some indie developers), they all seem like shitty console ports to me now.
csgo is fun tho.
reborn will be good
MW3 on xbox, so many online there
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