Hello! I'm back

Hello Crossfire!

After some ridiculous amount of time on the road I am finally back! How are you? I've been far and wide on my travel, to Gamescom, MLG, PAX and many other places and this weekend I'll pop my Dreamhack cherry by going to DH Valencia. All lovely? No.

Niceties aside in the period of being away there's no hiding the neglect that's gone on here on old Crossfire. Unfortunately the timing of the release and timing of a massive trip coincided probably the most important period that would be post release bugfixes , usability requests and content creation.

So lets get that all back on track eh?

Here's whats in the current pipeline for CF4 so that you're aware (timelines tbc)

- New Search - Our SOLR Indexing has now worked so replacing with a usable search engine is very near
- New Admin Features
- New Spam Protection

From there the next set of features are really up to you, we can divert those to whatever people whine about the loudest!

The second part that really needs addressing is content of course and I'll be doing my best to write more content on the site myself, but I'm no longer filled with exciting content I'm afraid so we'll be launching a content competition with a Valve Forever code as the prize (Means you get all valve games past and future forever). I'll be doing that more formally tomorrow. On the content side I would like to run another online tournament as BFB1 & 2 were so successful but we're still awaiting delivery on the prizes for BFB2 winners so I dont want to do another one without a clean slate!

Anyway, hello I'm back!, let me know what you're not happy with and I'll do what I can to fix it.

CF3.2 please.
Battle for Berlin, please.
I edited the post to include a small line about tournaments.
yeah, delete the voice of a little man!

I just hope u actually realise how much u fucked up with the new cf design
Attend Adroits in October!!
Hello! I'm beck
Best reply yet!
We want 2 menus instead of 1 like the old CF, I want CF in pink :<
Need some active nazi admins like Sol or Frop used to be , too much bullshits in journals atm :/ wb :)
You should be happy that users still make journals ( CF4.0 killed it , we used to have a lot of journals with cf 3.2 and you always had fun reading them. Now you only check cf for 2mins and close it! Cause it's fucking boring here. )
Having more or less journals doesnt make the content more or less boring
it kinda does, cause alot of users who made awesome journals quite'd thanks to cf 4.0
still no libk and et is dead, why would u still visit cf if u have no interest in et
Cause we used to get a lot of interested journals ( A lot of players have quite'd ET but not crossfire. But sadly they are now leaving crossfire behind also )
there was always a lot of retards doing journals such as francis,seareal,banga and more
(its quitted not quite'd)
ty police :)

But they are still here! They just make less journals cause CF is dead.
now that's the admin job to revoke their rights
As you can see the admin features is a point that the dev's are/will be working on, the feature set is very limited at the moment and let's not even start about efficiency, however this doesn't mean we can't do anything.
About content:I see the reason why news need to be accepted, however it's quite bullshit that you edit one letter and your news goes back to "unaproved" state. Would be nice if that changed.
Good! Will fix.
wb toss, can't wait for bfb man
Good to see the site back up, yesterday it was painfully slow and it's been down all morning today. Welcome back :)
2 weeks max
Welcome Back TosspoT

Btw, Why did you update this site? CF3.2 worked well and we all had fun then! Now cf 4.0 and no fun at all. Thanks to that all the good spammers are gone ( razzah ) Who made this site alive. Just with hes random chick journals and so on :) WE MISS THOSE TIMES.
give me back cheat and abuse rights on cf to sort out this cheating trash
I'm not happy with the fact chelsea won the CL, and not Bayern. nothing you can/want to do about that, eh? :D
Same, lost 130€ at that...
remove tzac so we would have some more of drama! =)
do we know you?
Stop being stupid
if you stop being retarded
wew kick ass, wb!
steam forever sounds great ;D

Got some time between cooking to win games:O!?
not really ;/ 15 h work is enough...i just play some games some and then...
welcome back stu mate, sounds like you have been busy ;)
asslick some more
stu is a sound lad, especially when the majority of the et scene are complete knob heads who act like they are cool on the "i-net" go jump around your room and pretend ur playing et u weirdo
i was kidding :D
but dont act like u werent doing handstands :D
Custom flags :(?
we'll be launching a content competition with a Valve Forever code as the prize

Its a plot to make best contributor in crossfire to leave ET and this scene!
can you buy that key?
Welcome back! I have a few things for you:

- approval for newsposts
As Poland Robert said above, having to get your newsposts (which have already been approved) re-approved after each small edit is a bit annoying. While I understand why the feature was implemented and can see how it could be abused if it was removed, I don't think that it is entirely practical for it to be applied to all users. I talked with Thomm a while back about this, and he mentioned allowing certain people to make newsposts without needing approval - league admins, "trusted contributors", etc.

- activity tab at profiles
I don't recall this feature ever working 100% properly, at least not for me. I get an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error when I try to select the Activity tab at most user profiles, yet it works sometimes at some profiles. It is a nice feature, if only it worked!

- stickies
Frankly, I don't see the point in "stickying" something if it doesn't appear at the top of the list under each section, like it was in the old Crossfire. I like the idea of allowing journals to be stickied as well, but again, it is not noticeable unless the complete list of journals is opened. There is also no clear label (as far as I can tell) for stickied newsposts, while stickied journals and threads have a "pin" next to the titles.

- display settings
Perhaps users could be given the ability to display more or less of various things? This is quite handy on GamesTV (http://www.gamestv.org/myaccount/display/), being able to choose how many comments, threads, events, news, etc. are shown. Personally, I would prefer to see more than 5 items in the News section, especially with the recent surge of "random" newsposts. Important CB & ESL newsposts are being "pushed down" pretty quickly at the moment due to less important newsposts like those concerning one-day cups and other games. It would also be nice to see a few more items under Recent.

- [ readmore ]
I like this feature and wish it was used a bit more often. Main News and Other News can be a bit of a mess when 1 newspost takes up half a page while 4 or 5 newsposts fill the other half. I was under the impression that the feature's intention is for only the first sentence or paragraph of a newspost to be displayed in the list, until the actual newspost is opened and the rest of the content is revealed.

- flag page
Does a flag page still exist? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

- tags (filters)
Have these been "fixed" at all? I remember when they were first introduced, it was discovered that unchecking some of the boxes led to a ridiculous amount of content disappearing for no apparent reason. I haven't really tried editing them myself recently, though.

- information at profiles
The area under Information in user profiles is quite messy. Gender, Website, and Achievements are lumped together with CPU, Mainboard, HDD, etc. while I think they should be separated a bit.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now. I also agree with what Poland fanatic has said below, especially in regards to labeling cheaters and highlighting new comments.

My biggest concern with CF4 is not the font/background/layout, but rather that many enjoyable and convenient old features have been removed and replaced with broken and annoying new features.
-auto approval is possible with the current system however a guide with some rules/guidelines about a newspost should be created with it.

- sticky system is broken,period.

That's what I can tell you for now.
cool, thanks

I've also edited my post a bit with better explanations
Lovely response! I will dive into it and create dev tickets.
thanks for killing et mr!!!
Off the top of my head

would be nice if the user flag (can craft content and what not), could be removed, they're pretty painful.
Also I'd love to see the 'friends online' like in cf3.2

wb anyhow :)
i still owe you that FF review. Been bussy last week, but I still found the time to play the other classes. I'll try to finish things up asap.
Got you 1x Beta Key!

I got four already! But the game deserves some attention, it got potential.
- who's online from your friends
- last visitors
- a feature in outbox so you can see if someone read your message yet or not ([ b ] [/ b ] like on cf 3.2)
- also would be nice to see which status a user has (admin,mod,user,cheater etc)
- a note that everyone can see near comment if somebody edited it or not. (last edited on 15:52 blablabla cf 3.2 style) because I noticed that everyone edits comments so much because it's not possible to see if it was edited :p
- maybe an other colour of new comments or something else, so you know where you finished with reading after last login
- would be nice to have [urlnew= ] [/url] back , because it seems like it doesnt work now

can't think about more at the moment + most of my thoughts have been posted above by other people already

oh and i kind of lost my rights on new crossfire. can only delete comments + approve newsposts.. also lost an access to private channel (:
this, without the colour of a new comment
while ur back why dont u tell us numbers and how theyve been after the update
- own3d links aren't all applicable with the moviesection embedding, as there are multiple ways to link a movie such as:


also, embedding a video with a HD link (e.g. youtube.com/watch?x=1398239128&hd=1) - the &hd=1 has no effect anymore in embedded videos (to the movies section at least.

own3d videos don't work with the [videos] tags, or if they do, it's specific to ONE link like "/watch/1337/" rather than all of the linkable adresses. all I know is that for example the one in my profile, doing [ video ]own3d link [ /video ] makes no embedded video, it is just the same as [ url ] [ /url ]
welcome back
For some reason the website is terribly slow sometimes. It's not my provider's fault because all other websites work just fine.
- gamestv integration
- hits
- Move journals and news to the top
- Make polls and events more noticeable
- Optional themes, light and dark
- Get et button
- Make a my account box showing inboxes etc..
- Changing nicknames
- Put 'recent' to the bottom (no one cares about it)
- Red triangles
- At the top of the journals have a sticky journal that has a lot of interest ( most commented journal per week)
- More active admins
imo the Recent section is quite nice!
Don't think more active admins is up to him fumblemate.
Well without a decent admin feature set people drop off quickly and can't be arsed anymore simple as that plus I am absolutely sure that TosspoT can recruit proper admins if needed.
some big cups, and some shoutcast from you!! :)
just dont make baggiez admin
RTCW:ET where to ?
where can i search for cf users ? can't find the search button ?
1 month too late tbh. Site is totally white , as NL ppl would say: It gives me eye cancer.
All cf4 features with cf3 design would kick ass. Flags on names are gone. User profiles are totally boring now, hits are gone., what is Followers lol , i "follow" ppl i barely seen once in et ..

When you hit "online users" --perhaps implement a chatbox there? would be handy to search for scrims since et irc is dead. Read all the journals whinign about cf4, alrdy pleny stuff written there, but i give you a sum of what i seen most ppl think: cf4 killed et? perhaps give some "old" feeling to the site or probably there wont be much ppl around to even whine -
gl tho
Quote Flags on names are gone

Click between your inbox and login name, edit your settings

Enable avatars
If checked shows avatars in comments
tbh ty , but not gonna do it lol, should be automatic or w/e
can i get the old xfire skin back please?
plz unban me from #crossfire, plzplzplz! :(
I have to wait 1 day for a group I created to get accepted, not to mention 3-4 days for a news article to get published.
You need better crew and CF 3 back. Also you need a "Last comments" box. It sucks like it is. Best example this post i just wrote. It will take a long time for anyone to see it, if someone ever will
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