Something weird with my mouse

Long story short. I bought me a laptop few weeks ago..
Acer v5 571G for school + casual gaming (ET, CoD2 & Black ops).
Now I have this problem with my mouse (Logitech g400).

The problem is when I join any of these three games I have the same problem.
With some sort of movement when I move my mouse it reacts faster then I predicted.
For example when I make a 45 degree move with my mouse it suddenly does a 180 degree turn or even more.
And it feels like my mouse movement is not in sync with my hand and predicted moves I want to make.

Before I installed the accelfix for win 7 it was exactly the same and I can't find any other solution.

Help please..

(EDIT) I switched my pollingrate from 1000hz to 500hz and it's slightly gone :)
rinput > markc accelfix
Happened to me. Your mouse is fucked.
I had the same problem with the G400 several months ago, no idea why it happens or how to fix it :(
Meh :S Ok then I just need to get used to it lol XD
Sweden ratZilla had the issue as well, not sure if he found a solution

I've been using an old mx518 :P
i am selling a razer deathadder, new+unopened , pm if interested
thanks, not a fan of razer mice though :P
Send it back, its a Logitech.
tried that :) they sent me a new one with the same issue
Contact them then its there mistake not yours.
it works properly outside of ET though
got g400 aswel never had this problem tho, i would say its the mouseaccel on windows cuz that only happens when its checked on. or either its checked on the setpoint of the mouse download it and uncheck the box.

Both items are unchecked.. But I see something else (Synaptics Clickpad) it's for my touch pad could that conflict with my g400 ?
turn off vertical sync, check ur fps
already turned off :D
had it with my deathadder, but razer realesed some synapse 2.0 drivers and now everything is ok, so maybe reinstall your mouse drivers
Didn't try to reinstall yet but it will be my last resort thanks! :)
I recommend you to get aim
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