rtcw servers

ehrm someone got some rtcw pubs that arent empty and without ice the whole time ...
only got that 4 or 5 crossfire
On 1.4 there are not many pubs, all got mentioned in the posts you linked.

But make a copy of your 1.4 and downgrade it to 1.0:

There are lots of pubs with vaious maps!

try it
Too bad 1.0 sucks :(
There is barely a diffrence between 1.0 and 1.4
best joke ever
theres barely a diffrence between et 2.55 and et 2.60
just rTg jolt and tcg (jolt and tcg = mapcycle, rTg by vote)
1.4 has punkbuster, osp and a basic competition structure.

1.0 you get called a hacker because you get a hs on a kill or because you have a basic set of headphones. When the true problem is the fact it has no anti-cheat software. if all upgraded to 1.4 RtCW would have some life at the level that it was at its highest. quakecon wouldnt have a 1.0 competition unless it was highly sought after or recognised properly- thats why 1.4 was the only option when they talked about RtCW possibilities at the last qc.
Quote1.0 you get called a hacker because you get a hs on a kill or because you have a basic set of headphones

when and where did you play 1.0 :0)

Anyway, the s4ndmod 2.1.2 also has a 'basic competition structure', mainly copied from osp.
And there are also cheaters on 1.4 nowdays.

Also as he was asking for pubs I highly doubt he will care eather there is a competitions structure and if 1.0 or 1.4 get played on qc
well I didnt list the differences in 1.0 to 1.4 though- 1.0 theres no need to reload drop weapon pick it up auto reloads it for you- pistol is rarely used it would seem.

listing the differences is stupid though, basically its like playing default install of et over the latest patch. and saying theres no difference there is the same as saying it for rtcw- well wide of the mark ;)

alot of 'leet' 1.0 teams have made the move or play 1.4 aswell, they dont do so well in 1.4 from what I have seen.
Dropreload is disabled everywhere, but some 24/7 base servers ...

Only changes that were done was bugfixing and punkbuster, check the readme of 1.4.

And also some of the leet 1.4 players got 1.0 and play there, so rly... only thing I said is that if he wants to play on good rtcw pubs he can get rtcw 1.0 because there are far more pubs and the game doesn't really differ so I don't see any reasons to discuss furthermore
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