Moviemaker needed

Hello guys i want to ask if there is someone interested in make a fragmovie from gtv demos cus i never save my demos for more than 1 month :D
frags vs good oppo and lan aswell XD
u can leave e message here or on pvt :)

Tnx for ur attention!
To be honest I doubt any moviemaker would record the demos from ETTV and then find the frags

gl though
someone did it already for maus
samael's was worse, it was some Blazer guy (but not the one from denmark).
well, thinking of the hype around mAus it's understandable, but I doubt someone would do it nowadays
kamz did it for the frags in this is et ;P there are definitely people willing to do it.
the only guy that has so much time is ramozz so ask him !
if u sort demos urself, pm
btw: $ ??? :)
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