Wolfenstein movie soon!

Someone might want to make a better topic as on phone but Wolfenstein is to get a movie :). Might be a perfect time to get your beloved game back on track and get in contact with the required people to get ET mentioned in previews etc.

reliable source
seriously, i saw "Wolfenstein (20XX)" on IMDB ages ago iirc, still havent seen anything
If they make it anything like Inglourious Basterds then it will be awesome
Rumors say Kamz has been contacted by Walt Disney concerning his fragmovies.
Je n'ai pas posté ici depuis une éternité mais c'est juste pour te dire que ton message m'a fait beaucoup rire.
me voilà flatté (:
long time no seen mate
i smell penta post incoming
It s anyway a Wolfenstein movie, not an Enemy Territory movie :)

Inglorious bastards , clan leader, Romania Unforgiven will keep you up to date about this.
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Jazy
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