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Hi all,
A few days ago Portugal Osiris mentioned it would be nice if we would each week have a compilation of the best frags happening in the fall cup! I'm up for the job :)!

How Can I Contribute?
If you have any amazing frags, docruns, epic fails, funny stuff during cup matches or practices you can upload the demo (please upload on www.rapidshare.com/) & post it here
Make sure your filename has the following things: name, time & type.
Example filename: "homie - [1:30 round2] - 3 man luger frag"
With the content of these uploaded demos I will try to make each week a compilation video.

Video Teaser
Here is a teaser video I specially made of how it could look like

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for the first compilation you have time untill sunday 18 nov to send me demos!
like it :)
yeah will love it
Nice :)
Should've asked Portugalag0n
Why? He doesnt finish it
You failed to spot the irony.
I think he did
then there would be no need to reply d:
Don't get it brother :(
the comment was enough for anyone to work out you were being sarcastic, anyone who knew this should reply with a smile or something ;D
Seems like a pretty cool idea! Hope you get enough good frags for it :)
that frostbite doc return was pretty amazing !
awesome trailer, good luck!
goed bezig homie
looks like RTCW gets aliver than ET :D

sick return btw
officials only?
am kinda doubting about it, i guess pracs would be good aswell
maybe these should be only prac frags, and then at the end of the tournament make a fragmovie of the rtcw fall cup?

could be really epic tbh, a lot of docreturns with warwitch going crazy! :D
Im not gonna make a whole fragmovie, but maybe bully will
ok, whens the first week then. Match week 1? would be cool if you gave an idea when you need demos by will try to get my guys to look and see if they have anything each week.
let's say week 1 is this week & next week (so showmatches & groups first week)? Cause i'm afraid i won't get enough footage :) got 2 demos so far
heres a link for the match weeks: http://clanbase.ggl.com/league_schedule.php?lid=12928&league=1&poule=2

I'll talk to my guys monday or something see if they have anything specials =)
had some 4 man panz vs fallanx but didnt record ;(
Nice work homie!!

And I might have it from my perspective Kamz!
!! send plz :(
rly nize homie. it would be very important to get this stick otherwise ppl will forget bout this thread. I think a weekly modified thread is way better than new ones every week.

anyway here we go "os1 pf shot getting the doc runner in the air min 5 round 1"
I think that's against us right? I remember someone on comms saying "he's just hit me in the face as i jumped" or something like that :P
ahahaha xacly. crumbs jumping from tower. i think u ware on the top shooting me with pistol. dunno.
yeah i know, this thread was made for week 1 :) can you upload the demo to another host? cause my download stops after 220kb :(
shitfrags homie ;-D
Got a nice 3man today vs falx, but I did not record. Was on WTV I guess
must of been the ironic hulk attack
Haha, guess so! No idea how I would get a 3man kill otherwise ;D
What homie said he was gonna do: 'GONNA STUDY HARDCORE THIS WEEKEND'
What he really did: Waste his time on a rtcw fragmovie.
shit ... thought i was recording against kih... had a 4 man including doc runner and a nice air nade on ice! gonna remind myself to record every match especially vs highbot and one.soldiers :)!
Quotebind F12 "vstr demotoggle"
set demoon "g_syncronousclients 1;wait 5;record;g_syncronousclients 0;echo Te estas ^2RECORDING.;set demotoggle vstr demooff"
set demooff "stoprecord;echo No estas ^1STOP RECORDING.;set demotoggle vstr demoon"
set demotoggle "vstr demoon"
cg_autoaction 7
I had some 4 man on Frost first time playing (proudest moment of my life)
I managed to get a 6-man nade kill once but forgot to record it.. how unfortunate :/
got 8man nade on pub, still got demo - mad?
this was not the aim of my comment so I do humbly apologise at the madness caused.
not to worry, my initial comment was intended to be jocular anyway
how humorous, after initially thinking I made you mad, you manage to turn it on its head and have me sitting in quite a mad position.

image: 355300
To dark :/
hallo du schwans!
It is a little here too.
yeah i know but it will be lighter for the actual clips
if it's the same as the one you shared in irc, then it's much lighter
Good luck homiee mate!

Looking forward to it!
thx mate, I hope i can get to the quality vids you had during bfb2 :)
ehehe i wish too :) but aslong as it is entertaining its cool!
ask HungaryIsl4m, you can make a full movie including his only frags on base against BadAzz

Beach first round (Yes it's in the demo I checked) 5:38 --> 3:47
Solo docrun inc solid snake action. As seen on the stream ^_^

Hope you can do something with this

More to follow

Around 2:15 till 2:05 3SMG and 1 pistol.
Le come on....

posting soon
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Jazy
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