Hi i just got the game after some good years .
I have some questions
-Do you play the game with the 1.4 update ?
If no what is it then
-can you give me a list of some good servers please ?

thx all for now , thx for the help
have a great weekend
i have just downloaded the game from
its the 1.4 2012 last update i think .

wrote in the search windows "osp" and only 4 servers apeared . tried to login to the first and it connected well.
i didnt understand the part about "PB"
if the game ran well in that server should i have done something differently ?

p.s - after installing the game from the link i had given , i just enabled PB in the multiplayer menu ?
is it fine ?
yeah should be fine, it says 18 active servers for me

dont type osp, on the right u can choose mod, there u select osp
ok thx , last question :
why are the servers empty :[
because its friday :p
And not alot of player play pub, rather mix up and play. Because the pubs are pretty empty most of the times, but there are alot of 3v3/6v6 mixes going on lately :p
Quotecan you give me a list of some good servers please ? [[[Mad.4.wolF]]] RtCW PuB

Quotewhy are the servers empty :[

Same old same old... because, nobody likes to join an empty server but somebody always has to be the first, once other people see somebody on the server, others WILL join. Go figure :)
What are the names of those channals in the mirc ?
Can someone give me a good rtcw cfg for a leptop ?
my rtcw cfg: im playing on a laptop aswell http://homie1337.bestmail.ws/rtcw/homiertcwcfg.rar
irc channel: rtcw.wars
when i am trying to enter this server ; 1 (7 rp) RtCW 1.40/1.41
No Pressure
MML Headshot 3 / 18 osp ONLINE
ip :

an " invalid password " massege apears ,

there is no lock apears near the servers name

the server found here its the first one
It's definitely a passworded server, used for clan/mix games.
What a great idea! my friend told me they had a very memorable stay here. Jazy
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