Sell account

Hi, i want to sell my account on crossfire NA. This is the link to my account
I don't have time for playing. Contact: (email-or add on yahoo).
Have a nice day
wanna trade it for my habbo account?
no trade, i want to sell, sry
Shit game anyway.
How much euros??
Ye, this site aint for the game crossfire.
I can give you Pikachu lvl.49 for that account. One extra rare candy included.
50 euro.sry no trade
I've got a hint for u, this ain't crossfires community website
Clan Match Wins 1336

1 more & I can be interested :_D
seems legit.
but you can contact ati_ he absolutely loves generic f2p games.
unblind 40 euro, last offer
Too expensive. And you're lost here, this site is not about Cross Fire.
35 euros and ill pay immediately no questions asked
Ok, i sent you a pm
Wins 3298

Losses 2697

Total Kills 73626

Total Deaths 48157

Kill/Death Ratio 1.53

pretty bad
Hello, i sell my account, feel free to q me at #raep !

Link :
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