ESL Blackops 2 Opening Cup RO64 Onwards Stream!

Hello ET people
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Tomorrow, or today (depending on when you read this..) there shall be more ESL Opening cup games starting at 19:00 CET !

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We're down to the round of 64 and we should start getting some pretty close games and hopefully some upsets, top teams are still in it such as YOLO (Aka bikini bottoms...) .. team2k .. avenue and those guys from MW2 who seemed pretty good called striatus.

Each of these teams are fighting for the €500 prizemoney and those lovely capture cards from Hauppauge!

Allowed Weapons

Assault Rifles: MTAR, Type 25, SWAT-556, FAL OSW, M27, SCAR-H, SMR, AN-94
SMG's: MSMC, Chicom CQB 2 per team
Sniper Rifles: Ballista, DSR 50 1 per team / no pickups
Shotguns: R-870 MCS, KSG 1 per team / no pickups
Attachments: FMJ, Ballistics CPU, Iron Sight
Perks: Awareness

Secondary weapons: Five-seven, Tac-45
Lethal: Frag granade
Non lethal: Smoke/Flash 1 per player


Everything else that you don't see on this list is disabled, including shields, perks, attachments and so on. Using

unallowed weapons, perks or attachments may lead to losing a round or the whole match.

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So if you want to see some really average play from people like caesium who gets carried by the self proclaimed #1eutoxjee or some of those new comers doing quite well tune in on the 27th at 19:00 CET :)

Link :
Casters : Pansy , Tommeh & Mark
Time : 19:00 CET/18:00GMT
omg mark omg
This should be under the events tab.
But good luck ;)
Not the best pic of pansy :D

Good luck, hopefully someone is going to make a promod for this game!
no hating! ;D
Sawwy Lauren :}
woop great
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