Ati_ - Road to Korea

It's been a long time since I released a fragmovie since there was no such thing as demo recording in both Brink and Arctic Combat. I managed to get some footage of all the final matches that were being streamed and I've put together a little fragmovie. The quality isn't best at all times, but that is something that is out of my reach. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the mini-fragmovie!

(tip: Do not watch in fullscreen since the stream from Korea is pretty bad, it's doable in small screen)

(I also have no idea how to add a movie on this new layout :D)
to add a movie just click on the orange "add content" box and select movies
ah, thanks :)
nice one ati
first 30 seconds = best
ending was the best :D
wow go clean that nose already man is brown as fuck
how did you and joof doing in korea?
well done :)

good to see et guys rolling in other competitions :P
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