how active?

Good Morning Crossfire,

I used to play Et a lot! And run a lot of teams, in recent times some old friends have been asking me to come back and play, but is there any more? How active is the game?


few teams are still playin, but its more worthy to play 3n3 nowadays since you have to wait like half hour to get 6n6 opponent
half hour kinda fast imo
long time of friend how are you?
its activity is getting less each year
well I guess only way to get it more active is to get more people playing ;) start off by bring a few back... go from high to very low player I would tho ha
Those kind of initiatives have already been suggested, but its not being tolerated by this community. Whatever you try organizing for them, they will always complain. Some organizers will know
omgomg fus williams, its essa btw
I remember playing for your clan a few matches with my friend many many years ago, hi
i remember you as one of the kindest players out there.
mainly because you always stood up for iMarkison and always showed everyone respect
Not playing, hi
Hi guys, seems like im still remember for the good reasons :) Hey poooottty :) ha, morning flushje essa long tme :)

yeah I did, I thought it was important just because we was good players doesn't mean everyone is and we all started off some where so had to look after the kid ha.

Well I just bought a new laptop today. Should be good enough for abit of et, just wanted to know if was worth downloading and see if anyone was around that knows me still ha.

Not played in around 4 years so dunno if laptop good enough or not and dam this windows 8 weird to get use too.
hey dave hows the kids? :)
Well, my girlfriend and I took full custody, so you can guess
yeah but they know who there real daddy is still! all 7 of them ha :)
hey everyone i thought i might say hello too. hope everyone is enjoying playing et without me lol i am going to to try and get back into it and if anyone has xbox 360 let me know and ill add you if i know you. well everyone take care now and hope to here from you guys soon. :)
wuuuut, hi 2 you :)
wow I was thiking bout you some time ago! welcome back man, lets play!
coxie long time :)

yeah been great since yesterday got a mail from about 25 old friends :)

sure im gunna throw up another xfire account if you want to pm me your details and we will!
the activity reached the lowest point ever...

ET is going to be dead in 2 month i guess, so enjoy the last twoo month!
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