how and where to download et?

Morning guys, me and a few players fancy coming back and playing but we not played in around 4 years. There is about 6 of us coming back to play.

what do we need now game changed and what we need to download?

got new windows 8 and hp-pavilion-g6-2230sa laptop.

Please write whats needed these days and where we can download.


look for et ultimate installer!! and ofc tzac
i have installed both of these, thanks they worked and loaded up et and load of servers showing.

Only problem im getting is its not taking up my full screen, its showing the et in like 2/3 of my screen in middle and rest of screen black around it, how i get it full screen? sorry for sounding daft!
try to change your resolution, then

r_fullscreen 1
seta r_mode "-1"
seta r_customwidth "1366" \ your resolution
seta r_customheight "768" /
I done all this now, it keeps kicking me saying I need a et key

I have downloaded one but it in et main not worked then I gone here to download this and it wont install...... ideas?
Parent download etkey from here and put into etmain folder
Then /pb_cl_enable and verify cl_guid is showing guid
I did this within my config, when I put it at 1366 and 768 it then restarts and says it cannot load.

it also does it every time I type vid restart.

so now I set it to 1024 and 680 I believe and it works but every time I vid restart it resets it self back to 1366 and 768 no matter what I put in, we couldn't work it out yesterday
instead of 1366 n 768 set your screen resolution, if you set this in autoexec prolly with every vid_restart it loads from your cfg
yeah I doe this, and place it in cfg but for some reasons with a vid restart still does it
what DKZ said, welcome back btw :)
sooo.... which best any of the above or look for this et ultimate installer.. ha when I played before it started on 1 patch then all rest was made was just added as it went along! just found my old config! god was made in 2006 :P ha
the comment by t4Mj is the new ET ultimate installer :) go for that. then download the TZAC setup (anticheat nowadays).
i remember before punk buster we made our own anti cheat! that's old school ha
welcome back, thers this new thing called type in

et patch 2.60
et patch 2.60b


and ur ready to go
see people still as sarcastic as always.

go google type in balls you may find some ;)

and thanks
Welcome back, I was not yet borned when you was playing ET.
why the agression? i was helping u, guess u can stick it up somewhere on ur own now gl and fo
there was aggression there pal, i could ask the same why the sarcasm. I did say thank you if you read, and you wrote there a new thing called google. Was simply writing back to that. You help is welcome.

But don't get your knickers in a twist pal, its a game. lol see some still take things too serious.
i have no idee what u on about
You just happened to face one of the two or three most retarded people on this website, bad luck! Just /ignore :)
don't pay attention to any comments by any of: seareal, unforgiven, banga and sometimes 'Francis'

some of them try to troll but a few are just braindamaged.
dood you dont even googled anything, you neither checked if there was a cf topic about it (and there is atleast 5)

wat do you expect???

he gave a nice and proper answer....

i don't get why you said something else than thanks???

first time i have to approve cereal...
ET population x2 :) Welcome back
Welcome back <3
Royal? :)
Welcome back man. ET really needs more people at the moment.
Welcome back :)
1st option) use search option -> ETpack
2nd)use search option -> ET install / coming back im lazy, wat to install?
3rd) google search -> Enemy Territory install pack
wohoo my love!
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